using mull rn, wondering if y’all recconend something different. nothing really wrong with mull, but maybe there’s a better alternative. reccomends brave, but a. I font like the CEO and b. I’m hesitant to use chromium

I use Privacy Browser: It’s on Fdroid.


I use Fennec. Vivaldi’s a good browser if you want Chromium. I haven’t used it much, but Cromite is a decent choice too

I use firefox nightly. I don’t mind the telemetry going to firefox. I know it’s a bad thing… But still, if it helps them it’s fine.

But performance wise, it’s not bad. It’s good enough. And with extension support rolling out soon, firefox might be really good.

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I was using Firefox then swapped to mull. Both are good, i just figured I’d try something different and saw mull on fdroid.


Brave browser is really great imo.

I use both Mull and Mulch, the latter being a chromium based browser considered the successor to Bromite, which hasn’t been updated in a while. I can recommend both honestly, I just use both for different things.

Mull can delete all data when closed which is better for privacy so that’s the one I use the most, but Mulch provides a webview for the entire system through a magisk module which improves the entire system.

check out cromite. it’s an updated bromite fork.

Good to know, I’ll keep an eye on it. Too bad they don’t have a proper fdroid repo yet

Get Obtainium and update from Github.


Fennec is good, Mull is the best for general browsing (so excluding Tor).

I use Opera. But I just noticed this is !, so not a valid answer. Based on NextDNS logs, it phones home a lot.

Iceraven all the way

Basically forked ff with many addons

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I use Fennec, but i have heard Mull is better but with a higher potential for site breaking.


fennec still phones home to google and Mozilla tho no? at least according to fdroid. guessing less than ff tho right?

From my understanding, Fennec is just Firefox with telemetry disabled. I have added uBlock Origin to mine and use DoT (DNS over TLS) to ControlD to block quite a bit more stuff device wide.

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I second Mull. Fennec is okay as well.


fennec still phones home to google and Mozilla tho no? at least according to fdroid. guessing less than ff tho right?

Fennec F-Droid is based on the latest Firefox release (codenamed Fenix). It has proprietary bits and telemetry removed, but still connects to various Mozilla and Google services that can track users.

Edit: Quickly checked an article from Mike Kuketz (german):

Fennec contacts mozilla servers to get new lists for the anti fingerprinting and anti tracking technologies. Also xml files with info about vulnarabilities etc. It sends not much.

Google is contacted when you have google as standard search provider and search suggestions active.

Otherwise no tracking etc


cool. can’t lie, the mull icom pushed me away a bit too, this one is super cute lol. ty

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