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/c/privacy is looking for moderators
greetings everyone, there's already >3.5k members here, not all of them are active obviously, but there are still a lot of posts on this sub, and even more comments, i can't really meticulously go through each and every one of them if you are somewhat active in this community, and have been on lemmy (or one of the other instances) for a few months, and would like to dedicate some time to moderating this community, please pm me :)

POV 2024:

we are now desperately trying to get people off of signal because it turned out it was privacywashing (like greenwashing, but with privacy)

It really bothers me that not needing a phone number for registration is now a feature, and not a basic requirement for anything claiming to be anonymous/private…

can't wait :) mobile devices liberated at last

The title is copied from the article, it's a little misleading, since the users are given the option of choosing from multiple search engines *including* DDG, Google and others