We're happy to announce that [BusKill is presenting at DEF CON 32]( **What: Open Hardware Design for BusKill Cord When: 2024-08-10 12:00 - 13:45 Where: W303 – Third Floor – LVCC West Hall** | [![BusKill goes to DEF CON 32 (Engage)](]( | |:--:| | [BusKill is presenting at DEF CON 32]( | via []( # What is BusKill? BusKill is a laptop kill-cord. It's a USB cable with a magnetic breakaway that you attach to your body and connect to your computer. | [![What is BusKill? (Explainer Video)](]( | |:--:| | *Watch the [BusKill Explainer Video]( for more info [](* | If the connection between you to your computer is severed, then your device will lock, shutdown, or shred its encryption keys -- thus keeping your encrypted data safe from thieves that steal your device. # What is DEF CON? DEF CON is a yearly hacker conference in Las Vegas, USA. | [![DEF CON Documentary](]( | |:--:| | *Watch the [DEF CON Documentary]( for more info [](* | # What is BusKill presenting at DEF CON? I ([goldfishlaser]( will be presenting **Open Hardware Design for BusKill Cord** in a Demo Lab at DEF CON 32. **What: Open Hardware Design for BusKill Cord When: Sat Aug 10 12PM – 1:45PM Where: W303 – Third Floor – LVCC West Hall** Who: Melanie Allen ([goldfishlaser]( [More info]( ## Talk Description BusKill is a Dead Man Switch triggered when a magnetic breakaway is tripped, severing a USB connection. I’ve written OpenSCAD code that creates a 3D printable file for plastic parts needed to create the magnetic breakaway. Should anyone need to adjust this design for variations of components, the code is parameterized allowing for easy customization. To assemble a BusKill Dead Man Switch cord you will need: 1. a usb-a extension cord, 2. a usb hard drive capable of being attached to a carabiner, 3. a carabiner, 4. the plastic pieces in this file, 5. a usb female port, 6. a usb male, 7. 4 magnets, 8. 4 pogo pins, 9. 4 pogo receptors, 10. wire, 11. 8 screws, 12. and BusKill software. | [![Image of the Golden BusKill decoupler with the case off](]( | |:--:| | Golden DIY BusKill Print | Full BOM, glossary, and assembly instructions are included in the [github repository]( The room holds approx. 70 attendees seated. I’ll be delivering 3 x 30 min presentations – with some tailoring to what sort of audience I get each time. ## Meet Me @ DEF CON If you'd like to find me and chat, I'm also planning to attend: - ATL Meetup (DCG Atlanta Friday: 16:00 – 19:00 \| 236), - Hacker Kareoke (Friday and Sat 20:00-21:00 \| 222), - Goth Night (Friday: 21:00 – 02:00 \| 322-324), - QueerCon Mixer (Saturday: 16:00-18:00 \| Chillout 2), - EFF Trivia (Saturday: 17:30-21:30 \| 307-308), and - Jack Rysider’s Masquerade (Saturday: 21:00 – 01:00 \| 325-327) I hope to print many fun trinkets for my new friends, including some BusKill keychains. | [![Image shows a collection of 3D-printed bottle openers and whistles that say "BusKill"](]( | |:--:| | Come to my presentation @ DEF CON for some free BusKill swag | By attending DEF CON, I hope to make connections and find collaborators. I hope during the demo labs to find people who will bring fresh ideas to the project to make it more effective.

I took a look at my Humble keys from years of buying bundles and found a few unredeemed keys - either duplicates of stuff I already owned, or things I have no interest in. I'm giving these away on a first come - first serve basis to anyone who wants 'em. The platform for redeeming them is in parenthesis. One key per person, as a general rule (DLCs can be bundled with the game if there are any). Drop me a PM or reply here with the key you want, and I will PM it to you and remove it from the list. 911 Operator (Steam) Amnesia: The Dark Descent + Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (Steam) Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 (Ashampoo) Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 (Steam) Chroma Squad (Steam) Intro to Game Development with Unity (Zenva) Iron Danger (Steam) Liberated (GoG) Max Payne 3 (Rockstar Social) Pathfinder: Kingmaker (Steam) Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Wild Cards (Steam) Ryse: Son of Rome (Steam) Slinger VR (Steam) Staxel (Steam) SYSTEM SHOCK: ENHANCED EDITION (Steam) Telefrag VR (Steam) Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove (Steam) The USB Stick Found in the Grass (Steam) Wanderlust: Travel Stories (GoG)

cross-posted from: > *"Cwtch is decentralized and focused on metadata-privacy in addition to communications privacy. Unlike other communication platforms, none of your messages are routed through a centralized server that has access to metadata such as your social network of friends, or who sent and received a particular message."* > > Looks like it's based on the onion-routed protocol used in Ricochet, so should be fairly robust (but not yet audited).

Here, have a puppy.