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alright thanks. I donth think I broke anything by just messing with the file directly tho?

Anyone know how to enable session restore when using arkenfox user.js?
Ive opened user.js and set to 3. according to the gui that should resume previous session (0=blank, 1=home, 2=last visited page, 3=resume previous session) It does say, however, that "Session Restore is cleared with history (2811), and not used in Private Browsing mode", so I set user\_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.sessions", false); // [DEFAULT: true] to false, but still it opens to a new tab. other issues: ff opens windowed, and Enhanced Tracking Protection settings dont save (I changed it to block all cross site cookies) help appreciated :)

yes I was able to access about:config, so I might just have to manually do the adjustments

alternative to arkenfox user.js because I can’t use that on mobile

on android using fennec rn. didn’t like mull very much

There’s arkenfox on desktop, is there anything on mobile?
or can I just use the desktop one somehow

cool. can’t lie, the mull icom pushed me away a bit too, this one is super cute lol. ty

fennec still phones home to google and Mozilla tho no? at least according to fdroid. guessing less than ff tho right?

fennec still phones home to google and Mozilla tho no? at least according to fdroid. guessing less than ff tho right?

android browser reccs?
using mull rn, wondering if y'all recconend something different. nothing really wrong with mull, but maybe there's a better alternative. reccomends brave, but a. I font like the CEO and b. I'm hesitant to use chromium

might move over, I just found how to remove the top bar and modify the bottom bar , solves most if my issues with it

sadly no. that’s app dependent I thought. like on discord that’s what happens but not on kbin or messages

OpenBoard with an emoji search system?
I currently use OpenBoard with gestures, and now all that I'm missing is an emoji search system. I don't like having to just scroll through emojis to find the one I want. any forks that include that? not a deal breaker, just a neat feature

yea it only cuts some of it out, like one drive, edge, etc

as a gamer, Linux just doesnt work for me.

have u tried making installation media with Rufus? they’ll let u use a local account and skip all that. also tiny 11 is what I use, cuts out Microsoft’s bullshit

yea in, I just think PS is tough to beat

why not photoshop? use genp or whatever the alternative is for Mac to get it for free, you firewall the adobe genuine service anyways, they don’t get any personal info, and once ur done installing u can just firewall the entire thing so it runs 100% local

lol that’s why I don’t want a modern car. aside from the sensors in the engine, there’s no others, so I’m not concerned about privacy lol

ive got ublock on ff for web, then instander on IG which is the only app I use with ads

@ashtrix shared a link for open board with gestures, this is what I use now

I can’t lie, gboard is incredible, especially since I use two languages, and I don’t have to switch the language every time, it just figures out which language to autocorrect to. switched to open board either way, but I do miss the convenience of gboard