I want to be able to create an account without providing an email


The one which you set up for yourself probably.


the instance hosted by you is going to be the most privacy friendly.

you have to trust someone else in any other instance.

I bet whatever instance that doesn’t require emails will be defederated for spam. Just use a burner email or an email mask like firefox relay.


What is Firefox relay?

Like SimpleLogins. It allows you to create an email on the fly like mudskipper.lemmy@relay.com that you can create an account with (in this case the lemmy part of the email is taken from whatever company you are signing up with. All emails sent to that email will get forwarded on to you. If the account sells your email to spammers you will know exactly what company sold you out and you can disable that email address. Same thing if the company itself spams the hell out of you.

It’s very handy! Only con I have come across is some companies will not accept the address. For those i just move on or create a burner Gmail account.


It’s an email alias service that generates a gibberish albeit unique email which then forwards on any received emails to your specified email inbox.

As far as I can tell there’s no way to link the two together unless you can see where the emails are being forwarded to.

DuckDuckGo offers a similar service (but free), also Proton (simple login) and addy.io (formerly AnonAddy).

Unsure about firefox relay specifically, but I’ve used DuckDuckGo and simple login (after it was acquired by proton) and both have to process the email first before it forwards it onto you. In the case of DDG, they also helpfully strip out any trackers in the email they pick up too.

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