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This is a bullshit article made for clicks. This article is an “interview” with Bard AI.

Do not trust Forbes.

If Google is truley using AI to read messeage, I am open to actual sources of information, but “acoriding to Bard itself” ain’t it.


Its scary how google have one thousands of ideas to improve his spyware. Incredible.

These news are obviously false. Google is not doing this.


Bard was trained from the beginning with your messages. They are not going to start now.


Time to ungoogle my phone once again. Did it before, reverted it in a stupid move to try out Monster Hunter “Go”; should’ve never done it in the first place. Bye, bye, Google. Go fuck yourself.

I went through a degoogling phase a few years ago. I got really into it. But there is just so much constant device tinkering and tweaking that it can be a mental drain and time sink. Then you have to wonder how much good you’re doing in the first place. I just have to assume they’re getting my data somehow. I switched back, thinking it’s best not to stick out, and rather just try to blend in with the majority instead of looking like a suspicious person up to something when I all I really care about is privacy. I just don’t know what to do about this anymore.

Really? I switched everything for almost 3 years now, and to be honest for me was a “fire and forget” situation. I run /e/OS on my phone and I had basically no issues ever. I moved to Proton mail with a few clicks and their migration tool, I always used firefox, and then I switched to as a search engine approx. 1 year ago. That’s pretty much it, but I have to say, I was not a very heavy user of all the bells and whistles Google makes.

Thank you for mentioning /e/os, this is the first I’ve heard of it and it looks like a nice open source os without making using it a chore! 😁

I might give it a go over the weekend once I’ve backed up everything. 😊

Is there an opt out? Fuck everything about that.

Yes. It’s called opting out of Google. There’s no other way.

You’re probably fine as long as you don’t use gmail or sms etc…

For now it’s when you enable Google’s Bard AI. But watch the privacy policy and EULA for future changes on all other online services

Good. I don’t intend to do that. I’m sure eventually it will be forced onto us.

There’s never been a better time to not have any friends or family or anyone you text with whatsoever besides two-factor authentication codes and messages from work and doctor appointment reminders. Cheers!

Appointments with doctors is too sensitive of data. I would opt out of that & just add it to your non-Google calendar as soon as you know the date+time.

Hell no. Even as someone who avidly uses chatgpt I think this is a massive privacy breach

Google already reads all of my private messages. Now, it will be their AI doing it as well.

So Google will know that I sent my buddy that Obama-HarryStyles fan fiction?

That sounds like it should run afoul of many privacy laws around the world. Can someone more educated in this matter than I confirm that?

I have a Pixel and they have quite a bit of stuff where you need to opt in. Actually, surprisingly much stuff where they very explicitly state it’s kept completely on-device, so I assume this is one of those. As other people pointed out, the GDPR fines would be waiting just around the corner.

I think I actually got the advanced suggestions already, but not the stuff regarding tone and context

A Pixel! The one that’s often recommended for custom OSs!

Analysis is done on device, but the model itself runs in the cloud. Right now it’s very intransparent what info is shared and when.

I mean if you consent, they can do it. Maybe you can opt out like with meta. I think the issue will be, that ai can reveal secrets it is not supposed to


The article doesn’t say it is used for training data, it’s to “personalize” the “ai” to you. Not that I believe that for a second.


Same way they get as much info about you as they can, to “personalize ads”.


and like they haven’t been reading all the data from day one anyway.

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