I currently use OpenBoard with gestures, and now all that I’m missing is an emoji search system. I don’t like having to just scroll through emojis to find the one I want. any forks that include that? not a deal breaker, just a neat feature

Sadly no, but if you have a browser open, you can use emojipedia.

I want one with gifs.

OpenBoard with gestures? Where? Version 1.4.5 has no gestures, and it’s the last one… And three is no search feature for emoji, it’s in the ToDo list

merde alors

in AnySoftKeyboard we use a “:” to search for emoji. Isn’t there a shortcut like that in openBoard?

if i type :ch, it suggests ☑️, ♟️, ✅, ✔️, 🎐, 🐣


might move over, I just found how to remove the top bar and modify the bottom bar , solves most if my issues with it

I’ve been using ASK for like 4 years now and never knew this, thank you for the tip!

If you need, you can find the option by going to “setup emojis” and then tapping on the cog on the top right corner


sadly no. that’s app dependent I thought. like on discord that’s what happens but not on kbin or messages

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