Microsoft announces vague changes to the default web browser setting for Windows Insider. Nothing but wishful thinking. Still force-opens web links in Edge.

have u tried making installation media with Rufus? they’ll let u use a local account and skip all that. also tiny 11 is what I use, cuts out Microsoft’s bullshit

I ditched Windows like 15 years ago and never looked back. How can you cut out Microsoft’s bullshit when Microsoft’s bullshit is literally the OS? I’m not talking about spyware, telemetry, etc. I’m talking about the actual OS itself and its trash APIs, structure, etc.

What you’re talking about seems like a half-measure, the problem isn’t just a few things you can strip out of the OS, the problem is the OS itself.


yea it only cuts some of it out, like one drive, edge, etc

as a gamer, Linux just doesnt work for me.

You could grab the ISO and use ventoy. No need to format USBs again and again. Can store multiple ISOs and whatnot.

Hot Saucerman

Rufus is a fucking godsend.

Love the username. CBB TV 4 life

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