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I do not use the native YouTube website. I do not have a Google/Gmail account. I do not use chromium, Chrome, or Edge, or Brave. I disable webscrpts and manually temporarily enable them as needed with all webscripts disabled again after Ivclose the browser. I don’t use nathive Android or iPhone. I have all 3rd party scripts and cookies blocked by default.

I never interact with any Google tracking or Google service on any of my electronic devices. I do not use Google search. Whatever happens with Google I will not see since I do not access anything Google on a monthly basis.

And how much power does Google have to force that on websites that reject it and users who use Lbrewolf or IceCat?

How can YouTube interfer with adblockers in Firefox/Librewolf/IceCat?

Wether it’s due to server or client, Proton is not option.

There are free Telegram clients, there is no way I will ever register with Telegram service.

I am extra harsh of Proton because I reject the concept of proprietary security. They trumpet privacy and security but tell people to trust them for secuity, they can’t release server code, but they want everybody to trust that their servers don’t have a back up of account info like keys or backup access to account.

I don’t use Signal for the same reason, only Molly, and I refuse to install Signal on computer.

I said native F-Droid repsitory. I also said with zero anti-features.

In F-Droid settings, under Include anti-feature apps, unselect all or turn off all options, turn off other repositories like Izzy, then do a regular app search for Proton, there is nothing available in F-Droid

When Proton has a single app available on native F-Droid wirh zero anti-features, not from a different repository,conly then will I use their services. I don’t use anything from them now. No Protonmail, no VPN, I don’t use them.

How are people surprised? How is this news?

The second you mentioned Google you’re talking about an all-seeing totalitarian state. Nothing you said about imbedding tracking links in docs is surprised. As a corporation they are always developing new ways to pimp you out and make you turn tricks for Google without you knowing while they keep all of the pay from your actiities.

Google tries to turn every human on the planent into their personal money making whore.

First choice is always talk on SimpleX, second is Signal/Molly for something easier, there is no other app that I use.

Did you run a progran to proactive zero out and wipe the whole drive like Parted Magic and then reboot system to load Windows boot media or did you use the Windows installer to only delete the partitions and install Windows again but not actively wipe the drive first?

For 10, unplug ethernet or do not connect to wi-fi and it should all you to continue or allow you to skip creating an MS account.

On the one system I use for gaming, before I install 10 which I have done a few times, I shutdown computer, physically unplug ethernet cable, then turn on computer and start the installation process, and I’ve created a local account everytime. Do not plug in cable or connect online until Windows has rebooted to the start desktop with Start menu. If you connect during installation it could force you to create online account.

It’s the combination of requiring Proton servers and the fact that that there is no public release of server source code or specifying which open source software runs on Proton servers, amount to a type of vender lock-in

RiseUpVPN uses OpenVPN from Bitmask so everybody can duplicate the service using their own custom build version of OpenVPN to connect to RiseUp servers so their server’s code is publicly accessible.

You found malware in the source code for RiseUpVPN? The source code is publicly accessible, what kind of malware is in it?

Accoding to F-Droid build service, it says ProtonVPN depends entirely on non-free network services, which means:

“This Anti-Feature is applied to apps that promote or depend entirely on a Non-Free network service which is impossible, or not easy to replace. Replacement requires changes to the app or service. This antifeature would not apply, if there is a simple configuration option that allows pointing the app to a running instance of an alternative, publicly available, self-hostable, free software server solution.”

Compared to RiseUpVPN source code which has zero anti-features

Proton is trying to do too many things and can’t excel at doing one thing. It’s getting too big beyond its capabilities which means services are going to suffer at a lower quality.

If the want blanket trust from users, remove the VPN login to make it anonymous and change the VPN code to remove all anti-features and comply with native F-Droid, other RiseUpVPN is the only choice for everybody to use.

Stroganoff is quite good if cooked correctly, may I try a taste of it? I’m messing with you

From doing network security, configuring server OS and software for security and privilege seperation, it seemed privacy was a natural growth out of doing system and network security.

To verify online sign up and not registering your number with an app or service, your only choice is to pay for a second number or not sign up at all.

Pay for an online number, there’s one time phone number websites you can use, but services are getting better at detecting if it’s a real cell number and block VoIP numbers.

It’s good to be leary to give your number to a business or service for privacy, but there’s no valid reason to obsess about individuals getting you number on a social level, you’re not important enough for other individuals to start bothering you simply because they got your number. I have a business card I give out with my personal number. However it also means you can’t use plain texting because other apps on the the other person’s device will see from your text message that this is a live number to track and spam.

There’s an addendum, it depends on how Android is used. If a person gets everything from Play Store which means they logged in to a Google account, Android is disgusting compared to iPhone.

However if a person disables the various Google services and sideloads all of the apps, then yes, Android is superior to iPhone for privacy.

I think the only choice is Signal for practical purposes. There is no creating accounts, no scanning ID’s, no invite link to chat. If they already know your number, there’s nothing they need for you to contct you on Signal.

For people who I have their number, I will never ever acknowledge any other option than Signal because confused people don’t end up making any choice. Only if they talk about servers and networks, then I will teach them network security. I say SimpleX F-Droid is king of them all, but for random people, I only mention Signal/Molly.

For the record, I will say that I am more willing to currently use Whatsapp than ever use Telegram. I can’t speak to the cool features with Telegram because I hate it too much to register my number with them.

You get over yourself and if necassary you give them your phone number. Using whatever app is personal preference and you can choose to say yes or no to using saidapp, but random strangers don’t care enough to obsess over getting someone’s contact into. That’s what number block is for.

Anyone who thinks if a stranger gets their number that stranger will now stalk them, that person is a delusional narcissist.

I have been fulltime Molly on Graphene for over a year and a half, zero glitches or issues.

Molly on Graphene is the only way to live.

I assume from whatever is natively built into it, independent of anything else since system apps are disabled.

I have Webview disabled on both GrapheneOS and Android and Navi works without issue.

I’ve settled on Navi doenloader that has a built-in browser for websites combined with AdAway

Chromium is not an option and it never will be an option.

If you want to be strict about privacy, in F-Droid turn off all anti-features and you’ll see there is no version of Firefox available to install. You have to make compromises if yo want to install any off-shoot of Firefox.

Navi download manager that has a built-in web browser combined with AdAway.