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In typical Valve fashion… They’ll keep slowly working at cool things while their competitors continue to shoot themselves in the foot.

Microsoft’s latest wtf with forced AI and screenshots of a user’s daily usage is pretty terrifying from a privacy standpoint, not to mention the forced technical upgrade. Companies are even switching to Linux now, which will drive adoption.

I think mod should step in and fix the title.

You’re right that it’s not at all what the article was saying.

I see HOW op got to that assumption.

I typically find a way to turn it off. But at this one gas station, no luck. I panicked and tried all the buttons.

It’s reaching a point where I’m considering buying a flipper zero or something just to turn this off

I worked at tech companies that were doing obviously illegal things, who will actively deny it to anybody outside the company but then when they finally get a fine, will tell employees, “It’s the cost of doing business.”

Welp, time to create the reverse app and tag houses that are religious.

Do what you want with that information.

NoScript is fantastic.

As a web developer, I have to build tools for the SEO/ad team to turn my beautiful optimized sites to be ad-filled garbage. And frequently, that involves fetching data from third party sites that even I feel disgusted by, that can be easily blocked with NoScript.

Super weird. Maybe blizzard just doesn’t want to support it?

But I was playing D4 on my SteamDeck last night. Even got a Battle.net update.

I finally started playing Shadow Tactics. It’s a very well made game. It was also constantly on sale for like $3.

But where it falls is that it lacks something. Their games kinda just ship and that’s it. No real follow-up, or conversation. No community or anything. Which is a darn shame because they seem like a talented bunch.

There’s a bunch that doesn’t work for my Steam Deck.

It does open. It does play. But controllers dont map correctly or there’s weird layering UI issues, where the game is unresponsive because its waiting for a keyboard event somewhere else, and the player can’t actually get there using a controller because the devs assumed people would only use mouse+keyboard. Not even switching controller setups make it work.

Not OP but Im the same.

It solves a lot of use-cases for my profession. I’m a programmer in my 40s.

When I’m coding in Windows, I find that there’s a lot of mysterious black boxes. To get X to work, I have to do Y. There’s so much bloat. There’s so much fussing with GUIs. Microsoft’s work in making sure Windows is stable for grandma means lots of stupid proofing things that I need to get my job done.

Where Linux, you wanna break your system with a command? Go for it! And I need that when I’m programming. It allows me to debug faster. It allows me to fully own the code I’m writing versus wondering if it’s some “magical Windows thing”.

The browser has become a great solution for most problems, and phone apps solve another major set of problems. A week ago, I demoed Adobe’s new cloud Photoshop in the browser. No download. It just worked! My kid fully edited a family video on her phone. All things that I would have done on my very expensive computer back in 2005.

If I wasn’t a programmer, I’d be pretty satisfied with a Chromebook and playing video games off my SteamDeck.

I’m not on the IT team but have elevated permissions. I can dial into any of my subordinates computers “invisibility” I might add, and watch their screen. I can copy data remotely. It’ll take me a few minutes to grab an image of their computer “for backup” reasons, restore it on another computer, and then safely view their history.

By invisibility, I still leave log traces on their computer.

I’m not going to, because wtf. But I totally do have that power.

This is a great post! Thanks for writing it up!

Def a bunch of things I didn’t know or was briefly familiar with.

A few years ago I would say gaming on Linux isn’t worth it.

This was me in 2021.

I ate my hat when SteamDeck came out.

I’m really excited for the future of Linux!

Pro tip would be to only have that account for purchases.

My coworker had a liver transplant. The few months leading up to it, he was really really sketchy. He said a few things that came off like he was ready to sell company secrets to find some random backalley liver.

Desperate life issues can lead to desperate decisions, like selling out. And it’s hard to even be mad in those circumstances.

Jokes on them.

I’ve been lying about all those details for decades.

I’d strongly recommend against self hosted email.

Has a team of engineers to manage emails and the company finally gave up and switched to AWS because of constantly deliverability issues. I think the commercial companies won that war.

Last year, my whole company switched to jitsi.

Solves 90% of our use cases and open-sourced enough to expand on it.