Could Microsoft destroy Linux gaming by using the windows store
So as we know Windows Platform Apps and WinUI3 apps do not work on Linux, I keep wondering if Microsoft were to launch a new API let’s say direct X 15 but limit it to Windows Store Apps, and provided a way for the apps to be installed from other stores like steam could they in time kill modern Linux gaming.

Need distro advice
Hello, gorgeous community! My friend, a generally non-technical person is looking for a good gaming distro. He has been daily driving Windows and OS X before, his main motivation for switching Linux is to streamline his contributions to a game development project we have, that is largely Linux-based (we use Nix for dev environments and build automation). The only Linux distro I've ever used for gaming is SteamOS, and all my other experience is in the Nix/Arch domain, so I am not sure what to recommend to my friend. As I mentioned, the only hard requirement we have is a possibility to sustainably use Nix package manager with experimental functions (command, flakes), - and I am willing to help my friend setting it all up. But I also would like him to be able to use the OS for gaming whilst experiencing _only the expected and acceptable amounts of pain_. So far we have Nobara and Chimera on our radar. Is there something you can recommend? Any advice in general would be helpful, thanks in advance!

[Request] Full guides to install GOG and Steam versions Fallout: London for Steam Deck
![]( "Mind the gap." Thanks in advance!

More information available on [](

Naev - Sporadic Naev Newsletter Vol. 4
I'm a big fan of this FOSS game and very excited for it's future, the game being around 20 years old

Is Pegasus the best Steam alternative for launching games with a gamepad?
I'm sorting out my collection of native games and ROMs, Pegasus requires some forethought to customize the collections as I want but it seems like the best option. Do you know of interesting and equally customizable alternatives like Pegasus that are not proprietary and are comfy with the gamepad?

[guide] How to install Aslain’s modpack for World of Warships on Steam
I just spent half an hour trying to figure this out so I thought I'd write it down somewhere in case it helps someone else in the future. Aslain's modpack contains a whole lot of quality-of-life mods for WoWs, for example Battle Expert (formerly known as Navigator) which shows the exact relative angles between your ship and the enemy's. Almost feels like cheating to me, but Wargaming has endorsed this modpack and it even has a dedicated channel on the official discord server. Theoretically you have the same information without the mod, but it can be difficult to see how a ship is turning or changing speed by just looking at it. These instructions are for when the game is installed through **Steam**, which looks like it uses some kind of overlay filesystem. This led to that the game install folder didn't show up for the modpack installer when I tried other methods. 1. Install [protontricks](, I used the version available in Fedora's repos. 2. Download the modpack installer [from the official site]( 3. Find the WoWs install folder in Steam. Right-click World of Warships in the Steam games list, select Manage and "Browse local files" and the folder should open in your default file manager. 4. In a terminal, run the modpack installer .exe file in the game's Wine prefix. I'm not entirely sure this makes any difference compared to running it in a new prefix as long as it can access the game files, it mostly seemed convenient to me. The app id for WoWs is 552990 and it should never change, but you can get it with `protontricks -l` if you're curious. Change the file path so that it matches the file you downloaded and run: `protontricks-launch --appid 552990 ~/Downloads/Aslains_WoWs_Modpack_Installer_v.13.6.1_01.exe` It will print a lot of "failed to create" error messages for system dlls and exes, but that appears to be normal, and the setup window should open after a while. 5. After some release notes etc. the installer will eventually ask you for the game's install dir. As far as I can tell, the game files do not show up anywhere on C:, but Steam mounts your Linux file system on Z: so we can use that instead. Browse to the game install folder, which we located in step 3, and select it. My install folder on Linux is `/mnt/faststore/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/World of Warships/` so I select `Z:\mnt\faststore\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\World of Warships` in the modpack installer. 6. Either manually select the mods you want or use the recommended selection. As I wrote before, many for these mods feel like they give you an in-game advantage over other players, but WG has said they're legal... 7. The first time I ran the installer it hung on "Finishing installation". It appears to happen to a few Windows users too but the mod dev doesn't know what causes it. I noticed that there was a cleanup process running in Wine `C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /C DEL /s /f *.orig` which shouldn't take so long time so I killed it (in Linux) and the installer continued. The next time I ran it this didn't happen, and it only took a few seconds to finish the installation. If you have the game installed as standalone, e.g. **Lutris**, then I _think_ you can just run the modpack installer in the same Wine prefix, and you should see the game's install folder under C:\Program Files as you would on Windows. I.e. select the game in Lutris, click the tiny arrow next to the wine glass button and select "Run EXE inside Wine prefix" and then choose the installer you downloaded. But I haven't done this so I promise nothing. Please don't take this as an endorsement of World of Warships, I borderline hate this game and only play it because some of my friends are obsessed with it. The gameplay is a bit too slow paced for my taste, there are a lot of hard counters which you can't do anything about in random matchmaking, and carriers (planes) can turn any game into pure suffering. I also dislike the game's monetization scheme, lootboxes are expensive and most have a tiny chance to give something really good and a big chance to give you complete garbage. The game might be f2p, but at higher tiers it becomes unplayable without a premium subscription (€10/month) since ship maintenance gets more expensive than your earnings. To maximize your ship's performance you need a high level captain, expensive modules and also buffs which are consumed each game. My friend tries to argue that the game is not pay-to-win because you can also grind ingame resources to buy those, but you'll spend many hours playing at a disadvantage if you don't buy your way past it. Just my personal opinion of course. If you despite my warnings felt an urge to try this game (honestly I thought it was quite fun at lower tiers) then check if any of your friends are already playing it and ask them for a referral code. Both of you get free stuff from being recruited by someone else and once you've created an account it's too late, *unless* you stop playing completely for 3 months. If you do that it is possible for your friend to send you a recruiting link if you want to start playing again. Just a heads up, I've read that it's impossible to connect an existing account to a Steam account on Linux, so make sure you authenticate through Steam when you create the account if you plan on playing it through Steam. Though if you have Windows dual boot then I think you can link the accounts there if you need to.

>We’re now at a point where transitioning fully to the open-source GPU kernel modules is the right move, and we’re making that change in the upcoming R560 driver release.

Games on Whales - Stream multiple desktops and games from a single host
cross-posted from: > After 3 years in the making I'm excited to announce the launch of [Games on Whales](, an innovative open-source project that revolutionizes virtual desktops and gaming. Our mission is to enable multiple users to stream different content from a single machine, with full HW acceleration and low latency. > > With Games on Whales, you can: > > - **Multi-user**: Share a single remote host hardware with friends or colleagues, each streaming their own content (gaming, productivity, or anything else!) > - **Headless**: Create virtual desktops on demand, with automatic resolution and FPS matching, without the need for a monitor or dummy plug > - **Advanced Input Support**: Enjoy seamless control with mouse, keyboard, and joypads, including Gyro and Acceleration support (a first in Linux!) > - **Low latency**: Uses the Moonlight protocol to stream content to a wide variety of supported clients. > - **Linux and Docker First**: Our curated Docker images include popular applications like Steam, Firefox, Lutris, Retroarch, and more! > - **Fully Open Source**: MIT licensed, and we welcome contributions from the community. > > Interested in how this works under the hood? You can read more about it in our [developer guide]( or deep dive into the [code]( >

Can I launch modern games thru RetroArch?
It’s just me or RetroArch developed the best FLOSS alternative to proprietary UI? You have a nice overlay, CRT shaders, bezels, some netplay function, customizable interface. All of this completely free and super fast. Wouldn’t be nice to also launch non-emulated games from here?

Need advice on new wireless controllers for couch coop
Hello all, I'm looking to buy 4-8 controllers for some couch coop games and haven't found any clear winners so far. I'm leaning 2.4Ghz as I've heard problems about bluetooth controllers disconnecting on the steam deck and always appreciate less latency. I also don't need any fancy features like gyro or touchpads, just the generic xbox-like style would be great. Also my last problem is that every one I've found requires a dongle per controller, to which I'm wondering if 4-8 dongles next to each other would cause interference? In essence: if anyone has recommendations on controllers for couch coop games on the steam deck where the main priority is connection stability, it'd be much appreciated!

>Back in June the developers of Fishards put out a bit of an ultimatum: fight them in-game and win to make the game open source, or they will nuke the game from orbit. > >Thankfully, the community came together, and won. So now Fishards has been made open source, and it's still free to play on Steam too.

- Updated wine to latest bleeding edge - Updated wine-mono to 9.2.0 - Updated dxvk to latest git (which includes d8vk now) - Removed d8vk build options as it's part of dxvk now - Updated proton script so that d8vk is enabled by default as part of dxvk's files - Updated vkd3d-proton to latest git - protonfixes: added EAC fix to allow elden ring to run even if dlc not owned

>Yesterday, July 1st, they announced the Alpha release of this next-generation mod manager and their new Product Manager got in touch to mention they "would be really keen to get feedback from Linux users". So this is your chance to ensure Linux (and Steam Deck) finally become a first-class citizen for game modding.

Looking for FOSS Games
Hey there, I enjoy Linux gaming via WINE/Proton, but I often wonder about Linux-native FOSS games. You often see brilliant titles like 0AD and Mindustry mentioned, but there are also some unspoken gems in the "genre" like Minetest and it makes me wonder what other FOSS games are out there, that people just don't talk about much? I'm looking to discover and play more of these titles.

Issue with WiFi on fresh Bazzite install
I'm hoping to get some help here. I finally took the plunge and installed Bazzite to a spare drive, and during the initial installation setup I was able to connect to my wifi. After booting up for the first time I noticed it said no connection. I see the wifi device listed, but I don't see anyway to connect. It doesn't find any networks. I've searched around but haven't found any solutions yet, and I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I greatly appreciate any help here, and I'm happy to provide any further information if necessary.

How can I extend the auto-shutoff timer for a generic PS4 controller?
The controller I'm using shuts off after about 5 minutes of idle time. I tried adjusting the value in Steam, but it doesn't have any effect. Does anyone know where this value may be stored or how I can change it to be *much* longer?

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Any “undiscovered” games you think deserve more attention?
Any games with less than 1000 total Steam reviews you've enjoyed and thought more people ought to know about? Not a hard limit, just a guideline for what could be classified as "undiscovered" on Steam, assuming it wasn't released yesterday. I would recommend: - [Full Bore](, a cute block-based puzzle platformer. Solid mechanics, level designs and even a somewhat engaging story. ~~Unfortunately hasn't been on a sale since 2021 according to, while it was frequently reduced to €2-3 before that. Not sure I'd recommend it to *everybody* at full price, but IMO it's one of the best indie platformers I've played.~~ edit: Did someone email the creator of Full Bore or something? It's suddenly on sale again, for the first time in ages :) Go buy it!

The first 10k games at, an open source online backgammon service

[Bazzite 3.5.0 Full Changelog](

GE-Proton9-9 Hotfix: - When I updated winetricks in 9-8 I forgot to make it executable. This fixes it so winetricks is executable again. GE-Proton9-8 - wine updated to latest bleeding edge - dxvk updated to latest git - vkd3ed-proton updated to latest git - dxvk-nvapi updated to latest git - steam client changes pulled in from upstream - vrclient changes pulled in from upstream - various game quirk fixes pulled in from upstream (Farlight 84, MultiVersus, Bad Mojo Redux, (Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura) - umu clients can now run winetricks verbs (Thanks R1kaB3rN) - added pending patch for DXGI_FORMAT_R8G8B8A8_UNORM on d2d_wic_render_target_init needed for Alt:V -- GTA V custom client (Thanks S0P4) - staging patches rebased (minor) - fsr patch rebased (minor) - protonfixes: winetricks updated to current git - protonfixes: winetricks vcrun2022 sha256 hashes updated for vcrun2022 ( - protonfixes: fix added for Contractors VR (thanks ToRRent1812) - protonfixes: fix added for gog: resident evil (thanks ImLinguin and keenanweaver)---

Locked the post due to many, many off-topic comments

>The time is finally here. The next big stable update to the NVIDIA proprietary driver for Linux with version 555.58 bringing Wayland Explicit Sync. > >Following on from the initial NVIDIA 555.42.02 Beta and the 555.52.04 Beta, NVIDIA noted some rather vague "Minor bug fixes and improvements" since the last Beta. With this release, you should be truly good to go with Wayland on NVIDIA GPUs now.

Low GPU usage on cyberpunk and possibly others
Hello! I've recently upgraded my system with 7800xt and I am having some issues while playing Cyberpunk2077 on lutris (bought it through gog). I am posting a short summary of outputs and info here: Output of Lutris' "submit issue" -> OS: Arch System Summary: CPU:10700K GPU:7800XT RAM: 32GB ddr4 3200mhz monitor: Dell G3223D (144hz) mobo: z490 aorus elite ac Drivers: amdgpu `$ glxinfo|egrep "OpenGL vendor|OpenGL renderer"` `OpenGL vendor string: AMD OpenGL renderer string: AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT (radeonsi, navi32, LLVM 17.0.6, DRM 3.57, 6.9.5-arch1-1) ` This is a fresh Arch install, with all the drivers installed as described in the wiki page `mesa`, `lib32-mesa`, `vulkan-radeon`, `lib32-vulkan-radeon` Output of `lutris --version` : `2024-06-23 14:29:10,771: The source is unavailable because Google protobuf could not be loaded: No module named 'google' lutris-0.5.17` I've also disabled `ReBar` and enabled `Above 4G Decoding` in bios settings. (not much changed though) ## ISSUE Cyberpunk 2077 was installed through the "vanilla" gog launcher embedded in Lutris, using the first option (without autogen tags etc). I am running it with `GE-Proton (latest)` with DXVK and VKD3D enabled. I have `Lutris Runtime` disabled and `prefer system libraries` enabled. Running the benchmark i get an average of ~61 fps with [these settings]( (benchmark output). I've noticed that both my gpu and cpu never go above ~75% use I've also noticed almost the exact same (fps) results with other configurations, including having FSR on etc. Strangely, during the loading screen or before the main menu etc, my gpu is at 100% and I have a solid 144fps. Also, in the starting area which are more "open world" I get a solid 100+ fps with 100% gpu (and high cpu) usage, on native resolution. While in denser areas (i.e. Night City) I am getting lower fps but with lower gpu and cpu usage too (same as the benchmark). I am sorry if this is an off topic issue, but any help would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: I've also tried switching to Xorg from Wayland and I m getting even lower fps on the benchmark (~about 48 average) with higher cpu usage and lower gpu usage. And generally, lowering other settings only lowers the

For me, it's [Factorio]( > a game in which you build and maintain factories. It even has [Wayland support](! (Version 1.1.77» Fri Mar 03, 2023 3:44 pm) > #### Graphics > - Added support for Wayland on Linux. To enable it, set SDL_VIDEODRIVER=wayland in your environment. (thanks to [raiguard]( What's yours? EDIT: Great Linux ports* not like some forced ports that barely work or don't.

Sunlight - Moonlight Audio only for Client
Thank you guys for helping with my Sunshine-Moonlight and Tailscale setup. I can play with my friends now. But I still have an issue. I don't get any audio while the Moonlight Clients get their audio...using Discord and Moonlight causes an echoing too. What should I do?

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How to install and play Blue Archive on Fedora Atomic using Waydroid
Thanks to Waydroid, qwerty12356-wart and the open-source community in general, you can now play Blue Archive on Fedora Atomic. This guide will show you how to install Waydroid, install and patch libhoudini, and install Blue Archive. # Installing Waydroid 1. Install Waydroid ```bash sudo rpm-ostree install waydroid ``` 2. Reboot the system ```bash systemctl reboot ``` 3. Start Waydroid ```bash sudo systemctl enable --now waydroid-container ``` 4. Launch Waydroid via the application launcher, and then input the following values: - **System OTA**: - **Vendor OTA**: 5. Ensure to select Gapps and then click on the "Install" button # Google Play Certification 1. Launch Waydroid shell ```bash sudo waydroid shell ``` 2. Get the Android ID, and then copy it ```bash ANDROID_RUNTIME_ROOT=/apex/ ANDROID_DATA=/data ANDROID_TZDATA_ROOT=/apex/ ANDROID_I18N_ROOT=/apex/ sqlite3 /data/data/ "select * from main where name = \"android_id\";" ``` 3. Open the following link, and then paste the Android ID: 4. Wait a few minutes, and then restart Waydroid ```bash sudo systemctl restart waydroid-container ``` # Installing Libhoudini 1. Clone the repository ```bash git clone ``` 2. Change directory to the cloned repository ```bash cd waydroid_script ``` 3. Create a virtual environment ```bash python3 -m venv venv ``` 4. Install the required packages ```bash venv/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt ``` 5. Install libhoudini ```bash sudo venv/bin/python3 install libhoudini ``` # Patching libhodini 1. Install `vim-common` (`xxd` is required by the script) ```bash sudo rpm-ostree install vim-common ``` 2. Reboot the system ```bash systemctl reboot ``` 3. Download qwerty12356-wart script ```bash curl -L -o ``` **Warning:** Be cautious when downloading and executing scripts from the internet. Ensure you trust the source and understand the script's functionality to avoid security risks. 4. Give the script permission to execute ```bash sudo chmod +x ``` 5. Run the script as root ```bash sudo ./ ``` **Warning:** Running scripts with root privileges can be dangerous if the script's content is malicious or if it has not been thoroughly reviewed. Proceed with caution. # Installing Blue Archive If you cannot install Blue Archive from the [Google Play Store](, you can download the APK from [APKPure]( Make sure to use the `Browser` application that comes with Waydroid to download the APK. Once the APK is downloaded, you can install it by clicking on the APK file in the `Downloads` folder. # Conclusion You should now be able to launch and play Blue Archive on Fedora Atomic using Waydroid. If you encounter any issues, please let me know. # Sources - [Waydroid]( - [Waydroid Documentation: Install on Desktops]( - [Waydroid Documentation: Google Play Certification]( - [Github: waydroid_script]( - [Github: qwerty12356-wart script](

Moonlight isn’t working
Hi I got the following problem. I successfully created a Tailscale network and a user from outside the network can login and connect to my network. That part works properly. We use a Fedora Linux PC as a host (Sunshine) and Moonlight Client on a Windows 10 PC. After tinkering for hours we can now see each other but I get the following issue "Request Timed Out (Error 4)" This issue always happens after inputting the PIN which is displayed on the Windows (Moonlight) on my Fedora PC (Sunshine) the client cannot connect after that but still sees my PC online and as a viable option to connect. Additional Info: I've asked in the Moonlight Discord but I still got no answer.

Warframe - Low Performance while Game Reports 200+ FPS
Hello, I've run into a weird issue when trying to play some Warframe. When running the game all of the performance stats seems to be reporting a solid 200+ FPS but the framerate feels choppy as if I were playing on 60 FPS. I'm playing on a 240hz monitor and I notice the framerate is not at all close to 100 even though both the game and mangohud is reporting 200+ FPS. I've tried running GEProton 9.6, GEProton 9.7 and Proton Experimental through Steam but nothing seems to solve the issue. I'm also using VKD3D_FEATURE_LEVEL=12_0 to enable DX12 (DX11 has the same issue) aswell as gamemoderun for any possible improvements. Note that this all persists even without any flags. I have also tried disabling the Steam In-game Overlay but that didn't help either. Does anyone have any information on what could possibly be going on here or anything that could help? I will post my specs below. OS: Nobara Linux 40 DE: KDE PLasma 6.0.5 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X RAM: 32GB (2x16) DDR4 3200Mhz GPU: AMD RX 6800 XT Update: I found out that the issue seems to be related to KDE, when running in GNOME (Wayland) the displayed framerate matches what is reported via game and MangoHud.

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