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I have had the same issue a couple of times actually. Had to learn how to setup systemd services for one of them!

Isn’t it interesting how operating systems have a culture? From my early days of working with windows, it was completely normal for every other program to want to run itself at startup, no matter how useless it was to do so. And people just accepted it. They thought that computers literally get slower over time or something. Oftentimes I’d glance at someone’s system tray and see 15 icons or so.

On Mac and Linux though, this behavior is far less acceptable. Today on Mac it is by far worse than ever but still probably better than it was, say, on windows 98. On Linux I could literally install 50 apps in a row without any asking me (or doing it without asking) to run on startup.

It’s just up to what users will put up with. So windows consistently getting shittier shouldn’t really surprise us. People have put up with that from the beginning. Both in terms of the app ecosystem and the os itself.

Like we went through at least a decade on windows where most free apps people used would literally attempt to, or force malware on your machine, in the form of toolbars or other useless shit running in the background. People were so complacent they wouldn’t even uncheck those boxes when offered a choice in the installer. We really need better education in this world.

Understanding something doesn’t mean you support it. Sad so many people can’t understand this or how normal people operate.

Always love people who think you support bad things if you point them out.

Have you used the Internet before? Or used it without a clue how services are usually paid for? You sound a bit clueless. The day they do that, a lot of websites stop working and nagging the user to turn off adblock, which I see all the time (as an advanced user who expects it). If I was a normie who didn’t understand this it might be quite confusing. This is obviously the reason basically no mainstream browser has done this or would do it.

I’ve literally experienced this first hand. At least three times I’ve been told that I should get an iPhone when I pointed this out. You’re giving people way too much credit for being rational

Hey that video you sent me is tiny. I can’t even tell what’s going on

Dude when are you going to get an iPhone? iMessage works great. Janky Android phones can’t even receive videos?

Wouldn’t surprise me at all if they’d hired psychologists to figure out the best way to make conversations like that happen

I mean, it certainly has that effect. The in group “knows” your phone sucks and will shame you into getting an iPhone. That’s the idea and it’s probably worked millions of times.

The idea is to convince people that things only look good on iPhones

Rcs is a new thing and not all android phones use it even now

Photos sent from iPhones look like shit today and they did years ago. Rcs is not a factor.

Well yes exactly. I have noticed for years that every photo or video an iPhone sends me is worse quality than flip phones used to send/receive. Amazing to me that iPhone users fall for this trick

Like they missed that the whole apple MO is to make them feel superior without evidence

You are correct and the person you’re responding to is wrong about just about everything they said. Funny to me they think mms is why those images look so shitty when no android users have ever experienced that without an ios device involved

“while you can never eliminate all risk online, you can…” Is a pretty reasonable way to help without sounding like…whatever this is. Arrogance?

nobody cares or believes it

I mean, this community exists because people care and believe it. But sure doom, gloom, etc

Obviously they meant to the best of their ability. An air gapped device is clearly not what they wanted. If they did they wouldn’t have asked.

Ah yes if they don’t specify that they understand that the Internet exists they need to be told it does

Well yes, obviously. That’s not something we need to be told.

Don’t ever connect it to WiFi and don’t insert a sim card.

So… don’t ever use the Internet?

Yes exactly. Which is one of a few reasons why I wish people would stop using it

It really baffles me how often I still see it talked about. Especially on Lemmy. I never liked it myself but now the musk owns it, I would’ve assumed there wouldn’t be much controversy here: it’s dead and gone, move on, people.

since your IP adress changes regulary,

I’m missing where you are getting this information…?

Sounds basically like qanon for the Left but sure yeah totally

I checked my pixel 7a bought from Google directly and I also don’t have this app

No, people get “pissy” when you make wild and absolute claims about something you clearly know nothing about.

And yeah I’m not sure how I’m being crypto scammed by paying for a service that clearly helps me a lot in my daily life.

Wanna make any random absolute claims about dark energy while you’re at it?

You’re using (probably poorly) an early version of a probably not great implementation of a technology and expecting it to be perfect. That’s not realistic at all. Then you’re declaring it a useless technology because of your anecdotal experience. Ai can be helpful and will only get more so, whether or not you find it useful right now

I have to refine basic queries multiple times and still then need to verify the answers.

So it’s like talking to a person or using a search engine?

You seriously expect or want it to be infallible magic? And then, even if it appeared to be, you would stop verifying its work?? Sounds like an unrealistic and problematic way to view it no matter how good it gets.

I use an llm-- GitHub copilot–every day and I find it pretty helpful.

I would agree that ai/LLM right now is sort of floundering in most products, but your stance that it’s absolutely useless trash just is not accurate

I just tried a search on startpage that gave me a lot of issues on DDG last night. Immediately found what I needed! Thanks!

Right, yeah it does depend. In general though, DDG is just bad about half the time for me in general. Do you know if startpage has a !g kind of directive like DDG? I may have to give that one a shot if so.

Pretty much daily. On my phone it is my default search engine but it often doesn’t work out for me.

I gave up with that plan on desktop and reverted back to google as default since it seems especially bad at finding software solutions, and I’m doing most of those searches for my job and side projects on my desktop.

Google search is still popular because it works the best for most people. Bing and the others pretty much suck.

I know I’ll get downvoted but it’s true. I try to use DDG where possible, and I’m not paying for Kagi. It’s quite expensive and I’m not too sure I’d like it. Half the time DDG doesn’t find something Google easily finds.

And yes I know Google is worse than it was like 3 years ago, but DDG results are way worse.

If we could audit individuals’ passwords across services, I’ll bet the duplicate and weak passwords found would likely be terrifying.

One of the worst offenders I’ve seen was a bank I used to use. I think they limited to 16 characters and also got angry about a couple different special characters I tried to use. The problem beyond that? The form would let you submit any length and just silently chopped off characters 17+ or whatever. I had to reset my password several times to figure out what was going on. Pathetic…

What is an “LGBT psycho” exactly?

Is this referring to the 7 events per year that are claimed to be a DrAg ShOw FoR kIdS?

Maybe get your mouth off the Fox News rectum?

You’re just being pedantic… and calling this “simply evil” sounds like satire it’s so extreme