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Yes… Similarly, there are lots of browsers that failed too… KHTML for instance is what Chrome and safari was based off…

They have a huge number of projects they tried… Including their own mobile phone OS which they were actively shipping (it’s a pity it didn’t survive, would have been nice to have a 3rd OS)

It’s really a risk / time payoff here. The reality is, when you see projects like this, there are 20 more which fail.

When you have limited resources, things like Firefox VPN actually make sense, because its low risk (there’s a lot of competitors, but its fast to implement).

An office suite takes a huge amount of resources, and is a lot of work.

VPN’s do have their uses. But, I agree… 99% of it is scum marketing

Yeah. Maybe I’m just old (I’m 40).

I would be happy to donate. But, the reality is… donations don’t work in my experience. One of my projects went FrontPage on all the major tech sites (and even was mentioned in Linux format magazine).

I got $300 in donations.

$250 was from a person I knew…

Backend projects often get screwed more, and I guess you probably need to hope you get supported by companies like Redhat ultimately. This may be why in my case. But backend projects always have people dissing them (frontend projects just need to look good and markety)

I think what’s more important is that it’s open source to be honest. We’re actually lucky we still have Mozilla honestly.

In Mozilla browser days (after Netscape), id imagine it would have been a struggle to get a good pay. The people still there I suspect took a massive risk, and could have moved to lots of other companies like Google instead quite easily

I think they deserve to get rewarded…

Rich guy?

Presumably that is about Mitchell Baker… A woman… who was there since the beginning when the company was failing…

The new CEO is also a woman and a temp CEO, who I’m guessing will again be replaced by an existing employee. Which guy are you referring to?

What browser projects are you assisting with or donating to?

Are you assisting with any open source projects at all?

The biggest problem with the oss community is that as a developer, you need to accept always that you’ll get treated like absolute dirt by the community.

One of my projects went FrontPage on many major Linux sites, and I ended up dropping it because I got tired of the abuse.

You’ll get plenty of people contributing nothing to your project or competing ones, but they’ll tell you the 50 different ways you suck

I donated back when Firefox was in beta. They were a dying company back then.

Are you saying open source developers shouldn’t be rewarded at all?

You’re actually wrong. They did when they started.

I know because I donated

The funny thing is that the people who complain most about stuff like this, tend to be the people who contribute the least.

If you don’t like them making money to support development, you’re more than welcome to work full time on developing it for free

This doesn’t have much to do with Microsoft. They simply used their software. Microsoft wasn’t responsible at all for this. It was the websites

It seems the age of click bait has arrived at lemmy

It’s NOT a slippery slope. You just define the bounds lol

International laws already exist for a lot of things

Again, if its your family, suddenly people like you care.

It’s like freedom to carry guns in the US… That is working out SO WELL, and the NRA will argue that once you take away guns, it’s a slippery slope, the government will control you, etc. None of that happens.

The slippery slope argument doesn’t really work well, and throughout the years, people have used it to argue against everything from seat belts, to restrictions on kids toys

What if its Child porn or revenge porn?

Or a video of your wife being tortured or raped? Suddenly its not ok? What happens if the family of the victims don’t want it up? They don’t want to be reminded of that shit. You say this only because it doesn’t affect you in this case and it’s not your family

it DOES affect me because I’m in Australia, and we don’t want copycat dickheads. We don’t want school shooting 5x a week, and we don’t want organisations like the NRA coming to australia and using this shit as an excuse for everyone to arm themselves. The worlds worst extremists dickheads love pushing videos like this because it helps their agenda.

There’s no incentive for Elon to take any of this stuff down either… It profits him. It’s funny that people like Elon have a cry about people tracking his plane and gets what he wants and everyone calls him a nutjob… But, then he profits from stuff that has REAL consequences that affects everyone, and he is defended.

What about the US where Trump used inflamatory language on social media which led to an attempt to the overthrow of the government.

Lets not pretend, this is about freedom of speech. This is explicitly because its not profitable to censor posts. Elon can pretend like he’s the good guy in this case and keep all the people who want it to be kept up, and all the people who want it down. Why do you think X seems to be the preferred platform for bigots and nazi’s? It would be good if we could see how much profit they were generating for him

There needs to be some international rules about some of this stuff. I’m not saying blanket ban for everything, but, there should at least be rules where people are harmed, torture, or violence is encouraged

This isn’t necessarily good


This article doesn’t say what X was being sued for.

Musk should have removed that regardless. He’s simply leaving it up because it’s profitable for him. This is actually a win for him because it means he doesn’t get any responsibility of moderation.

Actually. My controllers disappeared today in bazzite and won’t connect back . I might switch to a standard distro 😂

What issue did you have? If you’re using AMD, shouldn’t be an issue, and how long ago did you try it?

I had an old computer lying around, so yesterday set up a steam os thing with bazzite and will be selling my ps5.

Honestly, I think if they marketed things like this more, there could be a lot more Linux penetration. A lot of us have old hardware sitting around, and bazzite seems to run as well as my ps5 and definitely runs games better than windows (with the exception of choppiness on my HDMI audio, but already have a cheap toslink interface inbound)

You’re possibly right… I don’t use pocket… But it doesn’t get in the way for me… But, firefox also has ads for their own VPN now too. But, I guess my point is, it really isn’t that intrusive.

It definitely isn’t intrusive in the way that Windows 11 hijacks your chrome tabs into Edge, and takes over on reboot (I hate apple, but I literally went out and bought a mac a week after tolerating that)

Most developers don’t overreact about a service advertising it’s own services on a service, using non intrusive text which nobody would have noticed without a red square around it.

The hilarious thing is I could go to any open source project and put a dozen red squares.

The fact that no actual projects on GitHub are getting angry about this should suggest it’s an overreaction

People including myself tried this strategy for Linux before… It’s still not year of the Linux desktop

Sure mate.

It’s like covid where we got told we’re all going to die from the vaccine and there will be super cancers or whatever.

Years later, and it hasn’t happened.

Firefox made Google their starting page decades ago. They profit from it, have things gotten worse? No… Better stop using Firefox and move to edge. But, based on your comment, they should have by now

This is literally a tiny non intrusive text just mentioning a service they offer. Everyone would be confused unless it didn’t have that red square

Are vendors no longer even allowed to link to their own services now? Because in another thread, Microsoft literally got accused of this because they offered things like issue tracking in GitHub. It’s apparently fine for other vendors to do this though.

May I recommend you complain about this on the front page of the github repos you own if you actually believe it’s a big deal?

It might have even been there for months lol

So far you guys have complained about something I can’t replicate, and nobody actually tested except for me.

And then a feature which has no real impact on real developers, just people stealing code

Now you’re complaining about this. Seriously, it’s just nitpicking.

I didn’t hear anyone complain when Firefox added pocket support and VPN options into their config.

Again, really not a big deal at all… There’s a reason no real developers are complaining about this stuff…

Also why doesn’t it have any place here? It’s a service GitHub offers related directly to development. And it needed a big red square around it so anyone even knew what op was referring to.

Next thing we know you guys will be complaining that the submenu contains links to their other services like issues and such (someone actually complained about GitHub offering too many features last thread… And they got upvoted for it simply because they claimed Microsoft was using features to extinguish other services or whatever).

The first guy complaining in the first thread didn’t even have much source code commits on GitHub (and it seemed like it was a free account). But was making a huge deal about everything

If you’re genuinely upset, write about it on the front page of your repos. But, I suspect the people complaining barely use GitHub anyway honestly

Honestly, I feel like you guys are just nit picking now lol

That’s the least intrusive ad I’ve ever seen

Dpi on these cheap routers sometimes often doesn’t even calculate the data downloaded correctly. Ie, we can’t even rely on the 100mb figure

i used to think that, but I cringe at myself. I’m not sure what other managers there are being paid, and in the CEO’s defence, she was at Mozilla since the beginning, even through their bad times, pre-firefox days, and through their chrome days.

That being said, if its 6.9m dollars though, that is getting a bit high…

How do you know it is? Dpi is often wrong about both protocol. And size

123 isn’t the normal protocol though, so let’s assume it is malicious (I will admit I could be wrong here). Packet dumps is the way to prove it. If op posts packet dumps, that would be useful (as I could be wrong, the normal protocol is a different port generally though).

Also, important to note that if they’re uk hs100 plugs, they have different firmware too… The UK ones have one of the protocols shut off

This is a TPLink KASA plug. I wouldn’t touch their routers but their smart home equipment actually isn’t bad…

Egh… More bad info. Seems to be prolific here on Lemmy

And yeah, definitely not Tor (I happen to know the TPLink KASA HS100 protocol too). The chip running on them wouldn’t even have sufficient resources to run tor more likely lol

Plus, as others have said, port 123 is NTP

Congrats to the team. Looks like it has basic Wayland support now apparently too

I do home automation… And no, its not…

They do it because everyone wants to control these appliances when away from home. And port forwarding isn’t an awesome idea honestly.

A lot of the devices we used to port forward honestly, ended up getting hacked because of out of date firmware or whatever

Zwave chips are all made by one company, and the old ones can’t be updated against a newer vulnerability.

But each to their own

Boost don’t operate the Ad network…

And, if you pay for the app, they disappear. I agree ads suck, but you can’t really blame boost for this. Even when I did have ads though, honestly, I never saw ads like this

I happen to work in Home Automation… This is likely wrong, and I agree its probably dodgy router

Customers with a moderate amount of tech logging are sometimes our biggest bane. In this case, there’s no information of what the washing machine is connected to. And no packet dumps… Yes its asus too, so don’t trust their routers at all (they aren’t known for making good routers).

And then, we also constantly have customers picking out every single thing on their router too who think their information is being stolen or whatever because a service its connecting to sounds technical.

Then we also have the ones who get their info from places like Toms hardware, such as with CCTV, which “confirms” china is watching their lawn grow or whatever. Never any actual packet dumps, traces or anything else though.

Honestly, when you see an article like this, the first thing you need to ask is for packet dumps and such.

In practice, just don’t forward your devices online using port forwarding, and use a strong password, good devices, and you’re fine.

You have a right to not use their website. It’s completely legal, as long as they’re upfront

As long as they give you an option to remove your data if you don’t agree to the terms, that’s ok

This used to be my favourite game. Megabombs were the best. Also, there was an Easter egg on I think May 16th

Thank god. What we also need is laws against junk mail. Real estate agents ignore the no junk mail signs entirely

I didn’t realise these turds were sh** worldwide (can confirm they are rubbish in Australia). If thats the most of your concerns, its not much. The fact they operate their own dodgy ticket scalping reselling website online for double-cuts, is enough for me to avoid them

Given musk (with no cave diving experience) called the expert cave diver a pedo when he was told the sub was useless, threw an obviously annoying sign on the roof, started a stupid tunnelling company which would have taken 3 mins of market research to realise won’t work in reality… I hate to think what crap ideas he contributed to the researchers.

The only people who should even remotely consider it, are people who are terminal and who get paid millions by musk