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Your browser cannot block server-side abuse of your personal data. These consent forms are not about cookies; they’re about fooling users into consenting to abuse of their personal data. Cookies are just one of many many technological measures required to carry out said human rights abuse.

Do you have a better source than a 5 y/o comment in an issue?

He had the last 6 months or so to work on it. He resigned from the Nouveau project and RH in September and likely joined Nvidia a little while later where he would have had plenty of time to work on this patch series.

more and more customary that (for some reason) they want your photo

Gotta keep the people with different skin colour out

What does this have to do with privacy? It’s just a userscript to modify the regular Twitter website with all its human rights abuse.

They’re in the middle of a rollout of a rewrite and have promised to publish the source soon.

Usually, fundamental rights cannot be “sold”

It’s really quite perverse if you think about it.

Pretty sure it’s even inside a secure element; inaccessible to even the OS.

I used to not but I wish I did. I want to know where pictures were taken. Photo album software like Immich can also make cool maps out of your photos this way and group photos by location.

As long as you’re not sharing the pictures with anyone, there is no loss of privacy whatsoever in doing this. I don’t see any reason to generally label it as “not great for privacy”.

When sharing publicly, you need to be careful of course and run the images through an EXIF metadata stripper.

Plenty more benchmark worse. What’s your point exactly?

Statistically it should always be better by now because the resource hog that is called windows slows older systems down.

That’s not how any of this works.

You activated my trap card!

It’s entierly based on the excellent org-mode for Emacs.

Does it work if you enable VRR via xorg config?

Which xorg driver are/were you using, amdgpu or modesetting?

Then for a day and a half after I was working on that spreadsheet, it showed up at the top of the suggested videos.

Again, which applications had access to your clipboard and user files at that time? If any of the applications running on your computer was stealing your data and selling it for financial gain, Google would likely be buying it and obviously using it against you.

You also have to consider side-channels. Were you or your friends talking about that spreadsheet project via Discord or some other known abuser? Did you talk about it with a person in your room while daddy Google or Amazon were listening? (Alexa in the room, Google assistant on your phone etc.)

in short: years of nothing, nothing, nothing, TWO DAYS OF TRANS VIDEO SUGGESTIONS, and then since, nothing, nothing, nothing.

This might simply be expectation bias. You may have been shown such suggestions in the same pattern before and simply didn’t notice because, contrary to the present, the topic wasn’t on your mind and simply forgot about it because you’re being shown irrelevant suggested topics all the time.

Even after reading a lot of people telling me that it is just The AlgoTM at work, that incident seems so razor specific to activity I was simply doing on my computer at the same time Youtube was open rather than anything that could be related to my personal interests.

That’s how “The AlgoTM” works. Google gathers data on you directly through its applications, from 3rd parties selling data they stole from you and indirectly through the same process from people you associate with.
It’s even possible that some data broker simply made up the fact that you’re trans. Google could have then assumed it’s true because you associate with trans people here. I could very well see that happen in an enshittified system such as Google.

Edge is so privileged you can’t remove it… well, you kinda just can’t remove it…

That will have to change with the DMA becuase otherwise M$ will get …a really big slap on the wrist or something.

Typing anything in another window that is not my browser

Which windows exactly? The apps you’re typing things into might be spying on you.

M$ and their 738 parters really value your privacy, so if you’re typing things into Excel…

copypasting the words “trans” and “talking”

What applications were running on your computer while you did this? Any of them could be recording clipboard history; it requires no special privilege.

Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Windows itself was recording this and sent it to daddy M$ to train LLMs and maybe sell it as a little multi-billion side hustle.

transgender videos about “How to change your voice” start popping up in my feed. Please know I have zero interest in transgender politics/culture/anything, it is not something I have ever searched for or engaged in online.

Maybe Google knows something you don’t? JK.

A more plausible explanation is that Google knows that you’re in the Fediverse (ever Googled it?) which has a far above average concentration of queer people.

What is also plausible is that someone living with you (i.e. your family) or a friend is trans and you’re obviously associated with them.

Google doesn’t recommend queer content because they think you’re queer but because it’s what their data-defined statistical algorithms (““AI””) predicts you are likely to be interested in and therefore watch ads for. If you know a queer person or are often in contact with them, you are simply quite a bit more likely to be interested in queer people than the average and therefore more likely to click on queer content.

Possible that Youtube is reading my clipboard? Reading my keystrokes?

Youtube itself? Near impossible.

Other applications? Possible but likelihood unknown.

Listening to an album via VLC, while Youtube is open in my browser. Suddenly, more tracks from that album start showing up in my suggested feed. Possible Youtube is reading the titles of other apps current open on my machine? (VLC changes its active title to the name of whatever file is currently open)

Again, Youtube itself directly isn’t doing anything like this. If that album is related to what you were listening to on YT or is even simply also popular with people who listed to the same things on YT as you do or are just generally similar to your person; that’s all it takes for YT to attempt to show it to you.

Also note again that any application on your Windows or Linux PC can read the window titles of any other application or even simply scan your media library or other files.

Discord does this for instance for their rich presence function for instance and I would again not be surprised if there was a little multi-billion side-hustle going on.

I use Youtube all the time as my personal version of Spotify.

If you’re not reliant on YT’s recommendations, I’d recommend you to download the songs you want to listen to and listen to them on a local player.

By the fact that none of the apps I use day-to-day on my Android phone have viable alternatives on non-Android Linux.

I’d have to run Android inside a container on the mobile Linux which isn’t the best experience and if I need to have Android running anyways, might aswell use regular android.

While it’d be cool to have, I don’t really need a proper freedesktop userspace on my phone if I’m honest.

Android is also simply leagues ahead in mobile UI things.

Exodus shows all permissions the app could use or request. You have denied all of those.

Non-android mobile Linux is not mature enough yet.

You don’t use HTTP or SOCKS proxies to proxy internet traffic these days but VPNs. The effect is the same but it’s a shiny new name to market. If you’re talking to a normie (i.e. Google), you’re looking for “a VPN”.

This space is quite crowded as it’s a super simple service to offer and is insanely profitable. You’re basically being resold datacenter bandwidth with a profit margin of at least 90%.

What you’re likely looking for (given the community) is a proxy to pseudonymise your internet traffic such that neither data brokers nor governments can trivially get access to this information.

Given the insane profit margin, there are tonnes of unscrupulous “VPN services” that stab you in the back and double dip; selling your traffic data to the highest bidder. If you want one who doesn’t do that, you must pay and even then you have to be extremely careful in your selection. Unless proven otherwise or very implausible, assume any VPN proxy provider stabs you in the back for even higher profits.

The only exception I know of is ProtonVPN which offers limited free servers. The free tier is effectively a free trial with some limitations, namely that it’s only a handful of countries and that P2P is blocked. I’ve used it for years and IME speed has almost always been absolutely fine.

Whether you trust Proton is up to you to decide. IMV the company does not appear to be in this primarily for enrichment but because they actually care about privacy. They offer quite a wide range of other services that they built from the ground up and largely open sourced. The raison d’être for their free VPN proxies appears to be customer aquisition and I guess it worked on me because I’m now a paying customer of theirs, though primarily for their email services.

Note that they comply with (Swiss) government orders (as any sustainable business must) but I trust them to not sell my data to the highest bidder or governments which is what I care about. If you’re doing shit bad enough that could get someone to convince the Swiss government to go after you, they will not shield you (but also just… please don’t).

Just try a default Firefox. Though if you want to use TOR anyways, why not just use TOR browser? It’s the only browser where the starting conditions are reasonably anonymous.

Flash loses memory over many years. I’d use like 3 different mediums and always keep a hash of the key with the key.

Cryptomator is made for that exact purpose.

AFAIK, this is a Windows-specific option which requires the user to have purchased a license for the Windows HEVC decoder on the windows store.

The reason is software patents and asinine licensing for HEVC. Thank the greedy fucks in suits for that.

Are you spoofing your user-agent or have enabled other fingerprinting “mitigations”?

Hm, I thought it had something like this but it does have languages but your display language appears to be your local language. Perhaps it different though; worth checking.

Have you spoofed your country? Check the Aurora Store settings.

In the screenshot it says that Gitlab received a DMCA request.

This isn’t about copyright, it’s about whether the software’s purpose is to break DRM. Ninty argued that Yuzu’s primary purpose is to enable copyright infringement which is forbidden under the DMCA; both infringement of course but also even just building tools to enable it. The latter is the critical (and IMHO insane) part.

Now, all of that is obviously BS but Ninty SLAPPed Yuzu to death, so it doesn’t matter what’s just or unjust; they win. God bless corporate America.

I am ashamed of GitLab.

Don’t be. Gitlab has to comply with the law.

It’s the law that’s broken, not Gitlab.

It’s absolutely ridiculous they took it down even though Nintendo didn’t DMCA the Suyu project directly.

Um, no. If shitty corpo X (ab)uses the DMCA to send you a takedown notice for some project and you also host a fork of the same project, you must take down the fork too.

“You see, while this might be the exact same code, the name is totally different, so we don’t have to take it down!” will not hold up in court.

Whether the DMCA request is valid or not is an entirely separate question. You must still comply or open yourself up to legal liabilities.

The process to object to the validity of the request is included in the screenshot.

This is not true. As soon as the key is wiped from the TPM-like thingy, any data left on the flash is unrecoverable.

If you’re not looking to question your views, then ignore people like me who do. Though as a general rule of thumb, not questioning your own views may not be the best strategy in life but you do you.

It’s fine to as that sort of question; I wouldn’t say it doesn’t “belong in this community”. That doesn’t mean it makes sense to care about this which is what I wanted to point out.

Alex Deucher: > The HDMI Forum has rejected our proposal unfortunately. At this time an open source HDMI 2.1 implementation is not possible without running afoul of the HDMI Forum requirements.

**Note: This is a public beta release and will be updated more regularly with regression fixes prior to the Proton 9.0-1 release.** This is the first open beta release of Proton 9.0. In addition to the numerous Wine 9.0 improvements, Proton specific changelog includes: - Now playable: - Dinogen Online - Photography Simulator Demo - Previously playable on Proton Experimental: - George McGeehan Gamer Hero - The Finals - True Reporter. Mystery of Mistwood - Road to Vostok Demo - WITCH ON THE HOLY NIGHT - Lord of the Rings: Gollum - Fixed Brawhalla showing a security certificate warning. - Started ignoring system mouse acceleration when using raw input API. - Fixed TouHou Makuka Sai ~ Fantastic Danmaku Festival Part I and II crashing during boss fights. - Fixed crash in Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories epilogue. - Improved video playback in BIOMUTANT. - Fixed Imperiums: Greek Wars launcher. - Fixed memory leaks that caused Final Fantasy XIV Online launcher crash over long time. - Fixed crash in Microsoft Flight Simulator when live weather is enabled. - Improved support for input devices with 8+ axes. - Fixed Savant - Ascent REMIX hitching during certain animations. - Fixed Super Robot Wars 30 crashing with languages other than English. - Fixed Doom Eternal audio crackling on certain setups. - Fixed Lethal Company, Phasmophobia and other Unity games crashing when a controller with a hat switch is plugged in. - Improved video playback for the following titles: Lords of the Fallen, Harvestella, and Wayfinder, Sea of Thieves, KING OF FIGHTERS XV. - Default scaling fixed for The Last Game on Steam Deck - Fixed audio issues when playing intro video in Airborne Kingdom. - Fixed Bayonetta crashing on certain systems. - Fixed Escape from Monkey Island getting minimized on a mouse click. - Fixed audio controls and spatialization in VRChat with AVPro. - Updated file distribution method to save disk space. - Rebased on top of upstream Wine 9.0. - Updated vkd3d-proton to [v2.11.1]([g32ff676b]( - Updated dxvk to [v2.3]([ge2a46a34]( - Updated dxvk-nvapi to [v0.6.4]([g0951afb](

[Nouveau] [PATCH 00/44] drm/nouveau: initial support for GSP-RM 535.54.04 (and Ada GPUs)
> From: Ben Skeggs > > This series adds support for loading and running on top of NVIDIA's > GSP-RM firmware, instead of directly programming large portions of the > hardware ourselves. > > The implementation is a little crude in places, but the goal of this > series is to get (more-or-less) GSP-RM support on par with what we > already support on HW. Next steps would be to look at what features > GSP-RM enables us to more fully support, and clean up the GSP-RM > integration once it's known what those will require. > > Things should be somewhat faster when running on GSP-RM, as it's able > to control GPU clocks, which wasn't possible for us previously. > > SVM support is not available when running on top of GSP-RM at this > point, due to GPU fault buffers not being implemented yet. This won't > effect any real use-case, as SVM is experimental at best in nouveau > anyway. > > Aside from that, things should more or less work as normal. > > GSP-RM support is disabled by default for now (except on Ada, where > it's the only option) and can be enabled with nouveau.config=NvGspRm=1. > > There'll likely be some nit-picky bugs to sort through, but I don't > anticipate any huge disasters. I've smoke-tested this on a selection > of GPUs right back to nv50, testing both HW and GSP paths depending > on the GPU, and more thoroughly tested on Turing/Ampere/Ada, both > discrete and laptop GPUs. > > Firmware from NVIDIA is required to enable this support.