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How do software developers understand which parts of their software are being used and whether they are performing as expected? The modern answer is telemetry, which means software sending data to ...

Are you a Go developer? Are you worried that Google is not collecting enough data about you? Well fear not, it appears that opt-out telemetry is about to be added to the Go toolchain!

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I was talking shit about Go on the old website I went to and a bunch of people were on there, talking hella shit about oh that’s classic Bizzle, always paranoid as fuck, go smoke another joint ya strung out bastard. Well look who’s laughing now!

It’s google. Google is always laughing.

Classic Bizzle

Gccgo generated faster code anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Unfortunately gcc does not come with an alternative to go and dependency management.


Programming in Go is a blast. I love using the language and the ecosystem.

But let me tell you, Google never made it any more enjoyable to use Go or to be part of its community. Quite the opposite.

I wonder if we are somewhat close to straight up forking it or trying to create a different compiler, just so the community doesn’t have to put up with Google anymore, or at least we begin to actually be heard.


If this crap actually goes through (which it looks like it will, the maintainer seems hellbent on pushing it and completely unwilling to listen to criticism) I absolutely expect one or more forks to appear with all the google surveillance completely stripped out.

I’m not a Go developer myself, but I get the impression that trust in the project was already wearing thin after the whole GOPROXY debacle; this just might push enough people over the edge to get the needed momentum behind a new fork.

Also, I really hope package maintainers with the larger distributions start shipping with all this nonsense disabled by default. Apparently Fedora already ships Go with goproxy disabled.


Oh wow, I had seen some people talking about telemetry in Go and thought this was about their proxying bullshit again, and even thinking that, I told someone it’s basically unheard of for programming languages to behave this badly.

And now you’re telling me, Google is actually behaving significantly worse still? 🙃


They continue to amaze me… Then again, this is the kind of things one should expect from such projects with such companies behind them. The undergoing “discussion” is a good laugh at the very least.

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