Hello lemmings lemmons and any other lemm out there. I’ve always wanted to try to switch to more privacy focused options but it’s always been difficult for me as I’m not really tech savvy and frankly for a very long time haven’t really cared about privacy.

Transitioning has also been hard since I feel like I’m pretty much the antithesis of this community: using an iPhone and 2 windows computers (one for home use and one for my college classes on campus) and use OneDrive to sync work between the 3 devices.

Pretty much every account I have is under my gmail account and a second back up email is also under gmail.

Frankly I’m sure this is the highest form of insult to this community but I use edge simply because I’ve given up trying to fight Microsoft

So it’s been a challenge to switch but for browsers and just copy paste all my bookmarks and saved passwords when I download Firefox on my phone and computers but as for email and online accounts switching off that gmail account seems daunting but not impossible and I have no idea what to do to replace OneDrive since it is useful and works in file explorer with no extra software

I figured if anyone was smart enough to tackle the abomination that is my privacy it’d be you guys


I’m not really tech savvy

That’s how they get you ;) There is a trade-off between privacy and security on one end, and convenience and ease of use on the other. Microsoft, Google and all the others profiting off of your data know this and offer you convenience and ease of use in exchange for you giving them all your data. So be prepared to give up a little of that convenience and getting a little more tech savvy.

I recommend you take a look at https://nextcloud.com/ - it’s a self-hosted cloud service solution that offers file storage, calendar, notes, and a lot more. If you don’t feel comfortable hosting your own just yet, there are providers out there that will host one for you for a few $ a month.


Oh yeah I’m very well of privacy vs convenience which is why it’s sorta a goal of mine it eventually learn server and self hosted when I’m all settled with current privacy options

appreciate the link tho definitely gonna try to use that when I’m more techy

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