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can you elaborate?

you can use services like proton as much as you want, if you interlink other, more transparent accounts and infos about yourself to it, there’s no one to blame but yourself when the feds knock on your door eventually. “f*cked around and found out”.


agreed on that, but I think, before that would be, don’t try to threaten ppl on the internet and don’t expect to be anonymous by just using a private service. I mean, the mail might be encrypted, but the recipient gets it, can read it and can show it to anyone else.
still: private ≠ anonymous

sure and encryption isn’t even the issue here. i don’t defend ppl sending others threads via mail, that’s unquestionable a very dumb move, but in case you do something else that is privacy sensitive to you - like being a whistleblower, leaking stuff - you should know what you’re doing to protect your identity. using an encrypted, swiss mail service and then have like gmail as your recovery address and use that very mail to register on a social media site isn’t even trying - could have just attatched his phone number in the mail to get over it :>

in that case, good for the victim, but bad for proton because there are still so many ppl around thinking services like proton stand above the law and would rather face court than to send the feds a .zip with metadata that could be completly useless if the account was used right.


wish I could upvote this more than just once

… i’ll take a compliment when i get one :D

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