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How so? The three biggest things I attribute to Google are search, ads, and their mail/calendar/drive/docs suite. The only thing I see Proton doing is the last, which serves as an alternative to more than just Google.

(I ask this as someone that does not use Proton as primary for anything)

I do use Proton’s VPN, email client, and calendar. In fact, I’m a paid subscriber.

To me, it’s ridiculous that their mail and calendar apps are Google Play exclusives. There’s really no excuse for that.

Oh so if you have an android phone with a custom rom and no play services you can’t get the proton apps? That’s pretty lame.

And their “reason” is that not using Google Play Services to deliver notifications drains the battery too much. Just absolutely tone deaf development decisions.

I better stop or I’m going to talk myself into unsubscribing from their premium lol

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