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FOSS alternative is PixelFed

I think it was a typo. I checked the droidfy (fdroid) version and

Install nextdns on your router and unlock origin on your browser.

Dude you’d be surprised the amount of dumb mofos walking around you. I am 100% sure there will be some losers willing to pay that amount to use Facebook.

Godamnit ! Again I missed out on the data sharing opportunity. My uncle got an apple watch and said that I am missing out on all the cool features. I replied , I dont want anything that connects to internet. He laughed.

The only reason I am using a custom ROM is to exploit Google photos as I got unlimited otherwise i’ll jump to calyx or lineage

Same android phone , same apps but one drains battery faster.
As the title say, I have 2 android phones , both factory reset and logged in with google accounts. Checked the dns logs on both- Phone 1 connects to google server but is minimal Phone 2 is going bonkers, connecting to google server , xtracloud server etc. Phone 2 battery drops 5% in a hour and phone 1 doesnt drain at all. Which bring me to the conclusion that phone battery draining has something to do with google accounts as phone 1 google account has fake name and details but other has real name and also a phone number linked to that account. Please feel free to correct me. Thanks

Lol really? Working for me without any issues.

https://privacytests.org rate Brave as the best browser.

Hey does anyone know if Ungoogled Chromium has WEI implemented ?