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He’s doing gods work. I love his wit and I can’t believe he’s single handedly fighting for right to repair.

Lol I paid extra $60 for NFC. Only if I knew this trick I could have used that money to buy inflatable sex doll.

You Guys have to just put up with it and there’s nothing you can do about it unless you start protesting , the kind of protest that happens in France. Get politicians to act however its in the politicians best interest that they keep gathering data so that they know when a protest happen whom to prosecute

Public IP but not sure companies like google and amazon might also have your private IP

Watch Louis Rossman on YouTube. All this recent videos are about Roku , Vultr and other big brands changing T&C,

Anything that connects to internet is something that you don’t own. Companies can change their T&C anytime and take control of your device if it connects to internet. Hence smart people never buy anything that connects to internet.

Mate we live in a 5 eyes country so whatever shit you see in the USl by default you’ll see it here. Its sad but that’s how it is and regular 9-5s can’t do much about it

Louis Rossmam did a video on it. I think it’s both on odyssey and youtube

Brave Browser > Firefox
I've read many posts asking users to download Firefox but when a noob like me goes to google play store, it shows Firefox collects user activity, location and other data but for Brave it says that Brave doesn't collect any data or share any data. A company like google must do a thorough investigation before putting an app of their play store. Experts who hold degree in computer science, data science etc and are privacy advocates please explain me why not to use Brave?

FOSS alternative is PixelFed

I think it was a typo. I checked the droidfy (fdroid) version and

Install nextdns on your router and unlock origin on your browser.

Dude you’d be surprised the amount of dumb mofos walking around you. I am 100% sure there will be some losers willing to pay that amount to use Facebook.

Godamnit ! Again I missed out on the data sharing opportunity. My uncle got an apple watch and said that I am missing out on all the cool features. I replied , I dont want anything that connects to internet. He laughed.

The only reason I am using a custom ROM is to exploit Google photos as I got unlimited otherwise i’ll jump to calyx or lineage

Same android phone , same apps but one drains battery faster.
As the title say, I have 2 android phones , both factory reset and logged in with google accounts. Checked the dns logs on both- Phone 1 connects to google server but is minimal Phone 2 is going bonkers, connecting to google server , xtracloud server etc. Phone 2 battery drops 5% in a hour and phone 1 doesnt drain at all. Which bring me to the conclusion that phone battery draining has something to do with google accounts as phone 1 google account has fake name and details but other has real name and also a phone number linked to that account. Please feel free to correct me. Thanks

Lol really? Working for me without any issues.

https://privacytests.org rate Brave as the best browser.

Hey does anyone know if Ungoogled Chromium has WEI implemented ?