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USB Debugging Samsung Phone with a GUI
Is there a GUI which I can just click and disable and enable packages debugging Samsung Android phones? I heard that there are options which are much simpler than vanilla ADB. I just want to get rid ofll the Samsung/Google/Meta bloat prepackaged with the phone. Appreciate any pointers/advice.

I am with you. I do wish we lived in an ideal world and in ideal times.

State-approved “peaceful protest” is not protest. This post is a criticism over the idea of state-approved dissent and isnt about condoning violence.

Unless you want to run communities there I wont bother with it. I feel everything from setting up accounts (anonymously) to getting people to join, works better in SimpleX and Session. I’d even be happy using SimpleX as my everyday messenger. Matrix is a little clunky and the fact that all conversations get duplicated on the primary Matrix servers is cause for concern.

With Signal and SimpleX, servers are used only for relaying messages beteeen users - messages which are encrypted on the device.

In the end you are going to be sacrificing something, and the last thing you’d want to sacrifice is privacy and security.

If I was pushed to list my go to, it’ll be Signal for chats with people I know: because its open source, battle-tested against adversities, and can be set up by anyone who understands how ro use Whastsapp / Telegram.

For communitties (and even as a daily text solution beteeen collaborators or anyone you dont want to exchange numbers with), I’d use SimpleX as it has a lot of in-built anonymity and decent privacy (so far - its a fairly new project).

Theres just too much fuzziness round Matrix for anyone to trust it.

Telegram is neither private nor secure. Its not encrypted bu default. Normal texts as well as group chat is stored unencrypted on its servers.

For everyday use with friends, family and work (assuming these folks already have your number), Signal may be the best thing out there as its open source both on server and app levels. Signal is also end to end encrypted (E2EE) with decryption keys stored on device.

For anonymous communications Session and SimpleX may be better as they are both E2EE and doesnt requie a phone number as an identifier.

Just chuck out Whatsapp, Telegram and all the other closed sourced garbage apps.

Out of curiosity, why Matrix and not these other options:

  • Jabber/XMPP - has a creat client called Conversations (decentralised)
  • SimpleX - by far the most anonymous and potentially decent privacy (centralised server)
  • Session - a Signal fork without requiring phone number
  • all of the above are listed on F-Droid