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Lineage does not have any special privacy features besides not having gapps. You can use Microg for a balance between privacy and convenience.

Use aurora store and don’t login with any account. You will need the lineage for microg version or root to get it working

I’m not sure it does , however you could just change DNS to DNS.adguard.com for that :)

I like that they don’t foce apps on me , I’d rather install what I need myself. F-droid is not the best app as I see it. I use neo store so do not want extra bloat.

Regarding Firefox , you are either running chrome/vanadium or chrome/vanadium plus Firefox. Since webview. So what you have with Firefox is at best the in use browser features. Open a link in an app and you still use the webview. Firefox on android has it issues as well (sandboxing) . So 1+1 = 2 issues. Using a VPN / DNS with adblock makes ublock unnecessary.

I use GOS so built in firewall for just denying network permission, but there is also fake-VPN based ones that don’t require root.


Thing is it is very easy to get a signal account with a fake number, I have 3 different ones. My spare phone don’t have a sim or number, but do have signal. On my main phone I have one for each profile.

I use a simple bash script on my parents pc and schedule cup all -y with windows scheduler. No longer on call IT support :)

Let me know more about the argument against VPN +tor

Android auto needs basically root access and every privilege possible , and is a privacy nightmare. Perhaps it works on other ROMs if you have gapps insyltalled

Yea , I kind of just didn’t get into his rantings. GOS is still leagues ahead of anything else. Calyx comes in second. So shutter sound was something so bad you had to install open camera? And is no longer an issue. Just as that troubled troublesome dude. I really don’t give that much thought to stuff that doesn’t involve the actual OS. Rossman also likes the OS , you can have those things separated you know? The only time I had contact with micay was in the matrix chat , were I told him more or less to fuck off with his attitude regarding my questions so no I’m not a fan exactly.

Also worth noting there are banking apps and banking apps. The good ones don’t rely that heavy on Google. Those works for me fine , I have one shitty one in a separate profile with playstore on it to get it to work.

You can create a lot of different profiles , I am using 3 but I think it is like 8 max or something. My wife is using a GOS phone with all the bad apps she can find and there is never an issue. Maps for sure , wallet I don’t know.

You mean the guy that stepped down in march I believe it was? Shuttersounds was an android thing upstream I assume. GOS is leagues ahead of anything else.

org.thoughtcrime.securesms and I get mine from neo store /fdroid

Vanadium , in lack of that cromite. Do not understand the obsession over Firefox on android . All you do is add Firefox on top of chrome’s webview

I just sent a request to get all info they had on me and my car. Will be interesting

No ,it’s just that the client app is old , targeting android 5. Good if you are using an old phone. But not so good if you are using a new. Higher SDK have tighter checks and limits. But a minor issue, I still recommend using one of the newer ones. Droidify or neostore. Also I think I read somewhere there is work going on to update the F-droid one as well. Edit read up on the article and yea it makes a good point on the SDK level. But yea a minor thing imo. Edit2 apparently it’s android 7

Neo store is my favourite. Yes there is another upside. F-droid targets old apk , android 5 , which is a issue , albeit small.

I use neo store it’s native non root installer (usually) manage to do one click install all updates.

There is . The F-droid app has issues since it’s targeting android 5 . Neo store and droidify are better that way, security wise

DNS based exist such as DNS.adguard.com . But I use a good VPN with their own blocklists. No need for extra stuff.

Untill we get a gecko webview , you are using chromium based , whatever browser you are using. So yea the options are or use chromium or chromium plus Firefox.

Got the wife a grapheneOS pixel, she likes it and the adblock as well. But can’t let go of Facebook , Spotify ,WhatsApp etc. Small steps

Can confirm that a lot of good banking apps and other secure verification app works on graphene without Google. Some shittier banking apps still need the sandboxed Google play.

inviZible pro , opinions?
Just happen to see this. Sounds interesting. Anyone used it? I don't like the salepitch but more info on GitHub. https://github.com/Gedsh/InviZible What would the downside beside speed be in comparison with paid VPN and no root?

android auto , is it even possible?
So I have an extra pixel phone to use exclusively for the car. I've read somewhere that it can be done as an graphene build including AA. However does it really work? Bonus question . Wife is in love with Spotify , can it be used with any other app that does not report everything? Tested it out on rooted stock but blocking different trackers and endpoints crashes the app. Google got location from it in 2 sec

So based on the issues above , and since I’m going the way of static websites , I will skip cloudflare.

The technical VPN/TOR issues are just a toggle on cloudflare. Not sure what default is though.

But ideologically I guess step away from them based on their monolithic influence. I guess any options for a proper WAF is paying or selfhosting. Neither in my interest . But correct headers and security setting should be enough.

cloudflare explain it like I’m 5
So Cloudflare MtM for websites which logs ip . Bad But doesn't everyone log IP ? If not cloudflare then the hosting company? Aren't this a client side issue ? I.e use a VPN. What would be an option to cloudflare? Existence of any hosting provider that is a good option? Looking at moving to githubpages once my paid hosting expires in a year How will Wei and cloudflare happen/do/enforce?