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As soon as you share the into with a potential employer that it is you, you lose the privacy. You have to assume it’s publicly known. It’s not worth the effort.

If you do your research everyone knows you spend most of your day researching anyway. At least your supervisor will know who you are. You will want to talk to others and tell them “I’m currently research xy. I wrote this idea, what do you think about it?” Etc.

You should do the phd because you are intrested in the topic, not to gain some degree.

You can write your good papers as an anonymuous person. If they are very good, people would cite you. People will want to invite you.

I haven’t ever seen anything useful on twitter except funny tweets from musk

And as you said, osmand for hiking and biking and adding a poi here and there. Thanks for using osm 👍🏼

Magic earth is best for privacy.

Here has horrible map info. I’d never use here.

Your first example is tax fraud if you hide it

Edit: it looks like you edited your post to state the guy repairing your bike is “your friend”.

Noone is going to go after him if he just fixes your bike. But if he fixes the bike of his 1000 friends each month, they will go after him if he didn’t declare it.

The article doesn’t even discuss how financial survillance is related to democracy.

I just looked for the paragraphs where “democracy” is discussed and it’s nowhere stated how it is threatened by financial survaillance.

Whatever the author states in the article, it’s not about a threat to democracy. I go even further and state that monitoring all financial transactions is good for a democracy. Today, almost all transactions are monitored anyway.

That’s not what you initially said. There’s ahuge difference between a gov and a random server

You don’t publicly share private room info with anyone not associated wih the room

If it’s a public room, all info is public. I don’t understand it, sorry.

That doesn’t sound realisticly threatening to me. Besides, if I want the highest security and privacy I use onion routing.

There’s no problem for a public room. You can’t just join a private room.

I’m mot aware of a critical metadata leak, a link or example would be really helpful. Thanks!

It’s not a disaster. That’s overstating it. It just leaks some metadata to the server. Nothing that’s inherently wrong with it and which won’t be solved over time.

Some may don’t like that everything is stored on the server compared to signal where it only transits the server. But for companies or gov that should be/is mandatory. And it makes handling cross client and updating devices a lot easier for normal consumers.

They’re changing their business structure (or just changed it). I guess you could say now that it’s also a donation to the whole system itself. Like donations to EEF or so. The more (financial) power proton has the better compared to other services.

Tough question, but I guess yes. It’s 10 bucks a motnh iirc, and I don’t pay for streaming services

Are you aware that ads affect your mind and brain and hence influence the way you think and decide upon financial transactions?

Ads are worse than you may think. Giving a buck to that dev is better for him than all those ads you “watch”.

Bitcoin is completely inefficient but including a payment / donation system is a good idea. That should be available on mastodon such that you can donate to your fav people/orgs but it’s probably difficult for the average person to verify that you donate to the right person

You are 100% right.

They can’t ban encryption, yet they can make it difficult. If all noobs don’t use encryption, only the pros are left. That means they only have to spy on 10 instead of 100 people. Those that don’t use encryption aren’t interesting.

The problem is that they can’t spy on the 10 and hence they spy on the 90 and wait for the 1 guy making a mistake and becoming one of the 90.

It doesn’t integrate with android or linux. You are vendor locked in. You can only use proton’s app. Usually carddav and caldav go together, my tasks (and now kanban board. thank you jtx) and my calendar are very well integrated.

Yes. I host my own nextcloud, I don’t need their calendar. But that also means I don’t need their drive. I only need the VPN and the mail and simplelogin is a nice bonus.


Pass is awesome

Calendar is good but can’t speak caldav which makes it useless for android and linux.

That’ll make youtube disappear for me.

Over the years I watched less and less. I only seldomly have to look into youtube for things that are easier in video than in text.

Teens and many people don’t know that there is a world without ads. They have to be educated that there are alternatives - not watching youtube is a real option. You do not depend on it.

I’s a horrible world many people live in. Recently I saw someone browsing on instagram, each third post is an ad and oftentimes there are ads after ads. And people follow other people and watch their ads. Incredible!

Recently, I was browsing linkedin and there were 12 ads instead of real jobs in a row. in a row. Unrelated to my profession.

Recommending to move to ios from android isn’t really good advice.

A Temporary container gets deleted. Others don’t get deleted.

Does the author really expect people to log in to instagram in order to see a post he is sharing? I don’t get why the author wasn’t able to screenshot the post.

Whatsapp wasn’t ever federated. Was it?

Google did not yet close the doors with email. You can still use email and communicate with everyone and everyone has the right to choose another service, yet most tend to use google, even many people on apple devices that I know.

That sounds like a bug tracker where stuff reports things that shouldn’t have happened.

fennec is good. You can also use the normal browser for sites where you are logged in / trust. And the private tabs for anything else

I can’t find the source right now. It’s about the whole app installation process. They prefer play store. Aurora store isn’t enough. I guess fdroid isn’t good because fdroid signs every apk. Haven’t read it in a while. Iirc, their stance was that every app should have its own updater.

Update: i found a source

Official grapheneos account:

GrapheneOS includes our own app repository client which provides a way to install the sandboxed Play Store. There is no advice for this fitting everyone’s preferences because all of the available options other than our own app repository currently only used for our own apps have major flaws.


Which means all stores are bad.

My bad! Thx.

Grapheneos’ Team don’t support it in tge sense they don’t like it

It’s just an app like any other. No special treatment

You can use a work profile but don’t have to. Grapheneos’ team don’t support fdroid or aurora store, hence they propose installing everything via play store.


I don't think people on this sub use it, but it's great news for us. The worse it gets the likelier people move on.