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Seriously, this is data representation gore.

Which has its pros and cons, but that still doesn’t mean it should invade your privacy.

It’s also a buggy piece of crap…
Update notification? Sweet! Gotta click it, right? Oh, some obscure error message that doesn’t let me update the apps. I guess I start the app itself then, right? Oh, it immediately crashed with an even more obscure error message. And what’s this? It shows me updates for apps that I have already removed. I wonder why? Maybe I should clean the cache and update the repositories. Huh? Oh, the update is stuck somewhere and doesn’t move forward anymore and now I can’t even search for anything.

I’m surprised you can access the site with a VPN. Mullvad is completely cock blocked and immediately redirects you to a login page.

I was about to ask if that’s similar to imginn but it seems they just renamed themselves.

This is with Firefox in strict privacy mode with uBlock, Privacy Possum, Local CDN and CanvasBlocker. I don’t think any other of my addons matter for this.

Edit: I also use Mullvad VPN which might block some stuff on the way too.

That’s a good way for me to never visit your website again. Honestly, this kinda sounds like the death of the internet if I’m being honest. This would transform it from a free medium into a full blown corporate dystopia. It’s really scary to see the digital (corporate) development over the past couple decades. Would be really cool if we don’t move further towards some cyberpunk like future where megacorps control everything.