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Aw shucks…

For now I just have to remember not to automatically click on IG links. Need to copy and clean it up first 😔


I wasn’t aware of this. Is there any way to turn it off? Thanks

I’m aware. So even though I have to use them, I try to limit trackings as much as I can.

WhatsApp is ignoring default browser setting for Instagram links.
Possibly another scummy behavior from fucking Meta. So I try my best to avoid url tracking. I set the default browser on my android phone to this app: https://github.com/TrianguloY/UrlChecker I also made sure to turn off the "Open supported links" settings from aps like Instagram. So usually, if someone shares Instagram links to WhatsApp, usually with the url tracking, I can clean them up first using UrlChecker before opening it in Instagram app. Recently I noticed if I tap on Instagram links, WhatsApp will immediately open it in Instagram, ignoring Android's default browser setting to open the link with UrlChecker first. I thought something was broken, but if I open non-instagram links, those will open UrlChecker app. Can you please help check if the behavior is the same on your side? So I can be sure that I'm not crazy. Thanks!

I didn’t remember it well, but after checking it again, the list is actually included in the default filter list. It just needed to be activated if it hasn’t. I don’t remember the default behavior.


I just double checked, it should be included in the default filter list.


You just need to activate it.

If you use ublock origin, I find add-ons such as ClearURLs to be no longer necessary.

You can just add url tracking filter like this one maintained by adguard to ublock origin: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AdguardTeam/FiltersRegistry/master/filters/filter_17_TrackParam/filter.txt

Because url shorteners can be used to hide affiliate links or even malicious URLs.

I’m aware that with most privacy issues, a lot of people have limited understanding about it. Hell, I’m probably ignorant on many other privacy issues outside of this topic.

Try sharing Instagram post or YouTube video from the apps.

Instagram adds ‘igshid=’ . YouTube adds ‘si=’.

Try sharing the same IG or YouTube content from different accounts. The ‘igshid’, ‘si’ param value will be different

It can be used to tag who shares it, and who clicks on that specific url param.

TikTok hides a ton of such params behind shortened url. Try expanding tiktok shared urls.

For android, I use this: https://github.com/TrianguloY/UrlChecker

For firefox, I use ublock origin and add then anti url tracking list. Adguard maintains such a list. I forgot the exact name though.

Edit: it’s this one https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AdguardTeam/FiltersRegistry/master/filters/filter_17_TrackParam/filter.txt

Thanks. Looking back, maybe I should’ve at least explained about it a little more. At the time I just wanted to blow off some steam.

Then they know who’s the poster (you), they can know your username if they want to. A lot of people use the same username in many places, so unless you use different usernames in different social media, it’s still valuable data.

If not that, seeing how the content spreads through social media and analyzing the reach is interesting data by itself.

That’s an interesting idea. Although some websites/apps will have some quirks that might break the general rules.

How so? This is a rant post, I’m not trying to present it differently.

Look, the point is that I’ve tried explaining it to friends and family and whoever want (and don’t want) to listen.

This post is a rant / wishful thinking as stated as being so, I’m not in the mood of explaining everything again. I’ve done that in my personal blog, etc.

No but that’s what the comments are for. I share if the discussion is relevant.

Because I don’t expect the target audience to be here in /c/privacy

It’s not just browser though, sharing links from apps also generate these URLs. A lot of people then share these links through chat apps.

I do realize that most people are not aware of it, that’s why I said this is more of a rant. Just want to vent to fellow privacy minded people.

Some apps are hiding it behind shortened URLs. So it looks clean, but if you expand it, then oh boy.

I wish more people clean URLs before sharing it to others.
I see a lot of people, including friends and family, sharing URLs rife with tracking parameters. I feel alone in making sure that I'm sharing the cleanest possible URLs to others. For example, checking if the URLs are shortened to hide plenty of tracking params. Just need to vent, thanks for reading. Edit: adding some context for future references. By using url tracking params, tech companies can track who shares the content and who clicks on that specific shared urls. A simple but effective tracking method. Try sharing Instagram post or YouTube video from the apps. Instagram adds 'igshid=' . YouTube adds 'si='. If you share the same IG or YouTube content from different accounts. The 'igshid', 'si' value will be different. This can be used to tag who shares it, and who clicks on that specific url param value. TikTok hides a ton of such params behind shortened url. Try expanding tiktok shared urls. If you use android, use this app to expand, analyze and clean up urls https://github.com/TrianguloY/UrlChecker If you use Firefox (you should), install ublock origin and add this url tracking filter maintained by adguard: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AdguardTeam/FiltersRegistry/master/filters/filter_17_TrackParam/filter.txt

Firefox Fullpage Translation (on-device)
>Firefox has added a new built-in full page translation feature that allows you to seamlessly browse the web in your preferred language. As you navigate the site, Firefox continuously translates new content in real time. This feature will be rolled out gradually and should be available for all users starting in Firefox version 118. > >Note: Unlike other browsers that rely on cloud services, Firefox keeps your data safe on your device. There's no privacy risk of sending text to third parties for analysis because translation happens on your device, not externally.

The Philips Hue ecosystem is collapsing into stupidity
> Their latest round of stupidity pops up a new EULA and forces you to take it or, again, you can't access your stuff. But that's just more unenforceable garbage, so who cares, right? Well, it's getting worse. >It seems they are planning on dropping an update which will force you to log in. Yep, no longer will your stuff Just Work across the local network. Now it will have yet another garbage "cloud" "integration" involved, and they certainly will find a way to make things suck even worse for you. >If you ever saw the South Park episode where they try to get the cable company to do something on their behalf and the cable company people just touch themselves inappropriately upon hearing the lamentations of their customers, well, I suspect that's what's going on here. The management of these places are fundamentally sadists, and they are going to auger all of these things into the ground to make their short-term money before flying the coop for the next big thing they can destroy.