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That’s not the issue. You can attempt as many passwords as you want in actually secure password managers as well. KeepassXC for instance IS secure, you can still brute force the password, but because of the hashing algorithm they use it’s extremely hard. With PKZIP if you know some of the words in the file, you can easily guess the password in just a few hours because the encryption algorithm it uses isn’t secure

The UK has a data protection agency? Does the UK know? Have they been asleep for the past 20 years?

Regarding boost, yep my bad! I did not know that when I asked that question.

As for grayjay, it’s source available, that’s fine to me, there is a difference naturally and it’s worth discussing, but I’d rather live in a world where every piece of software is source available and we discuss the merits of source availability vs pure FOSS, than in a world where understanding our software requires days or months of work looking at asm and poking it with a stick

there is nothing wrong to make money from their hard work

I assume you didn’t read my parent comment or perhaps you extrapolated on my beliefs without asking. I even proposed a direct way to ask users to pay.

you cannot and should not force developers to work for free if they don’t want to.

My word, of course not! Where did you get the impression that I want that from? I would NEVER propose something like that, as it stands against everything I believe in; in fact if you read through my history on lemmy I am certain that you’re gonna find plenty of proof of that.

I stand by the original meaning of the word when I say FOSS. It does NOT mean gratis; the misuse of the term FOSS as gratis is my biggest pet peeve. I don’t care how much you charge for your software, if I like the software I will pay for it, exactly how much you’re asking, without a problem.

The F in FOSS stands for Freedom, not price. I have paid for most FOSS software I use on a regular basis and I’m a HUGE proponent of paid FOSS and I have, multiple times, asked FOSS developers that release gratis software to PLEASE open up donations; I do this constantly and I think I may even have done it here on lemmy once or twice.

If you want free software then there are FOSS options out there and nobody forces you to use Boost.

Indeed. My preferred client at the moment is the web ui on desktop and jerboa on mobile. Those are FOSS and developed by the developers of lemmy themselves (to whom I HAVE donated to). But I was thinking about switching client, which is why I asked for the code for Boost to see if it’s software I would be willing to run on my device (and pay for!).

In fact I will even go as far as to say that it is your RESPONSIBILITY as a user of FOSS applications to donate if you can.

To me if software is not FOSS it signals one thing: they are doing something they don’t want me to know about, sometimes this is acceptable (tho never preferred), but that’s the exception, not the rule.

Being able to decide what software runs on your machine should never be a point of contention. Non FOSS software is always a trade off, and for most things (including lemmy clients), it’s not one I’m willing to make, nor should you!

I don’t think Boost is open source

oh, so that’s why it has ads, they don’t care about their users… alright… I’m not interested in this conversation anymore

I’m not a boost user, but why does boost have ads exactly? Why don’t you just ask users to buy a license a la grayjay? Make it 0.99 or less. This has a few advantages:

  • You’ll make more per user than you ever will with ads
  • Users won’t be tracked endlessly
  • It’s good PR for the app

Also quick question, where is the source code for Boost? I can’t seem to find it

DNS tracking can be mitigated with Oblivious DoH, DNSCrypt or even a VPN.

that’s wrong. the device exposed the real mac address on port 5353 (udp) which is apple’s “bonjour” service, which acts as a service discovery/zeroconf network tool.

that means that other devices in the same network can know your real mac address, this makes it very easy for say ISPs to track you across networks if you use friends networks, open wifi networks in coffee shops etc.

Maybe you’re right, but to me it’s still worth it to point out those issues

yeah, there was a feature that was supposed to do it, but they never implemented the feature properly, which made it literally useless, and it was discovered just now, 3 years later

openboard lacks a japanese IME, so it’s useless to me

now they just need to make a keyboard, and make it integrate a jp ime… there are so few good keyboards that meet all the boxes on android…

as far as i know the only two keyboards that have decent english prediction and a jp ime are the gboard and anthy, both options suck fof different reasons

somebody wiresharking your traffic can see the domain name you’re contacting even if you use https; this solves that.

reverse DNS lookup does exist, but it’s not always accurate, especially when multiple websites are hosted on the same server (which is more common than you think)

How about cactus? it’s technically designed for comments on a blog (I’m using it on escapebigtech.info for example), but it allows you to use any matrix room and if you set it up to use a different matrix room every time it loads the page it will work perfectly for your usecase.

Please keep in mind that if you decide to adopt it, Cactus can only exist if you help it exist, if you can afford it and you get value from it, I encourage you to support the developers through donations. Embrace the Value4Value principle!