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This yubikey app is packaged for Nix, the package is called yubioath-flutter

It probably requires you to set services.pcscd.enable = true;

You’re right but I personally can’t overlook the security problems, that’s the main reason why I bought a PIxel and not one of their phones. If they at least pushed security updates on time I might have bought it. Ignoring the security flaws (and apparently the camera?) if you want a repairable and ethical phone it’s a great choice the best I believe, until they release a newer model).

Sadly it’s old (2021) and underpowered. That’s not a huge deal breaker because it has pros like being repairable and pretty private. The real problem is that they are regularly late on os and security updates (multiple weeks to months). For example they only officially added support for Android 12 this February and there is still no official support for Android 13.

Unless you specifically want the repairability a Pixel with GrapheneOS is simply much more secure and private.