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So I don’t game a lot and I’m not sure what that car driving game is, but I noticed at ~1:30 his left thumb is moving all over the place and the car keeps driving in a straight line? It doesn’t seem like any of his hand/finger movements match what’s on the screen, am I crazy?

If you ever plan on using a GPU as more than a toy for running games, then stick with Nvidia, though tbf there’s not a whole lot you could do with 8GB.

nteract with the Windows Nvidia drivers which aren’t there

Funny story. I was trying to get RayTracing working under Wine for a few days and finally found the solution (needed to download the nvlibs zip from GitHub and run the installer).

Couple weeks later I went back into Wine and it was broken. After another 3 days of struggling, I decided to redownload nvlibs and run the installer, when I noticed it only symlinks the needed libraries into WINEPREFIX. Me, being the resource miser I am, had removed the folder from ~/Downloads when I thought I was done with it …

Chrome for work. Vivaldi for personal stuff. Firefox for porn.

The holy trinity.

I switched from Brave to Vivaldi.

I was having issues with a web app after a Brave update, so I went to check the changelog to see what might have caused it. It was 100% crypto/nft shit in the change log.

That’s not what I need/want from a web browser.