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Diffie-Hellman is only a key exchange protocol and does not provide forward secrecy. Imagine that my and your client figure out our shared secred (key) with DH, then encrypt our chat with that. If someone breaks only a bit of our traffic, then they can read newer messages as well.


Forward secrecy means that at any point messages are encrypted with keys that aren’t reused forever, which means if an attacker can intercept traffic and read a bit, or crack the encryption, that they don’t automatically get access to our future conversation as well.

Since Ig we all know this message which appears when the “keys” ig, changed

I don’t know if I fully understand you here.

To my understanding whatsapp does it like this too. The key changing must be the high level key, since the message means that it’s an unknown key (thus not yet trusted). From new install or new device.

essentially, yes. There are two levels of encryption keys and they “ratchet” along (change). Only the lower level is used to encrypt the text so it’s much harder to figure out the other one.


This is the encryption that they developed. Whatsapp and OMEMO (XMPP) use it as well. It has forward secrecy because if an attacker has the key for a message they can’t calculate the key for the key for the next message etc.

No just don’t pretend we live in a dystopia, things could be worse. Could be better as well though…

You will forever have these feelings, if you have a better world than the status quo in mind. Be careful to not be overwhelmed by them, if you suffer too much long term you could give up or become a cynic. Nothing is perfect, we strive to make better systems (and smartphones).

I don’t like both but I would use Whatsapp. Because of the encyption reasons you stated. Even if Whatsapps encryption is compromised, Telegram doesn’t even have any.

It’s not great I can’t even use nvenc and have to use software encoding for OBS…

I mean everything else works, so I guess this is a high bar? ?

I don’t think the EFF means this in the “let only nazis speak” kind of way.

I made it to 10 Episodes :) How do you like it so far? Should I keep going?

This video was recorded yesterday, so I could release it at an earlier hour today :)

I uploaded another video, this already is a series of sorts.

cross-posted from: https://feddit.de/post/681481 > Hey y'all I recorded an hour of normal gameplay, hope someone here likes chill and no talk gaming videos ^^

cross-posted from: https://feddit.de/post/679439 > Hi fellow lemmings, I made a third video ^^ > > For now I will stop. > > What's your opinion on 30 vs 60 fps for content like this? I suppose 60fps requires nearly twice the bandwidth and storage space. The three videos that I uploaded are recorded at 30fps.

cross-posted from: https://feddit.de/post/679415 > Hello fellow lemmings, here is the second part of the Factorio tutorial! > > Maybe I'll record the third one one day.

cross-posted from: https://feddit.de/post/679359 > Hello fellow lemmings, today I recorded myself playing the Factorio tutorial :) > > What do you think of this, is it interesting? > > If this is too short for you, I upload the second tutorial level as well!

Of course they do. Why would they fight with law enforcement over something that’s not profit??

Damn. If you’re into tech and are privacy interested, these two networks are really cool, have nice communities and it’s a rewarding hobby to support them!

I also don’t like a cashless society. But if there were a good implementation of digital currency, like gnu taler, that would pretty much take the way cash works now into the digital realm.

It’s possible, but not likely to be suggested by the big monopolists and surveillance people.